Me In My Place: The Meaning and Origin of this Phrase

The phrase “me in my place” is often preceded by the word “put” when used as an idiom. If you have heard or seen this phrase used and are wondering what it means, then you have landed in the right spot. Here you will find the meaning and origin of this phrase. You will also find some example sentences and conversations so you can see the term used in context and garner a further understanding. The article will wrap up with some synonymous words or phrases that you can use in place of the phrase “me in my place” in conversation.

Me In My Place

Me In My Place Meaning

The phrase “me in my place” means to put someone or something in its proper rank or order; to give someone a reality check and remind them of where they belong in the order of things.

Origin of this idiom

There is little information available regarding the phrase “me in my place.” However, place used in this context means to put something in its proper order. The word “place” in this context has been used since at least the 1500s, which means that one can suspect this phrase has been used similarly since at least this time.

“Me In My Place” Examples

Example Sentences

  • My mother and father were always experts at putting me in my place and reminding me they were in charge.
  • I appreciate a manager that is good at putting me in my place. Sometimes it helps remind me where I stand so I don’t get a big head.

Example Conversations

A discussion between father and son.

  • Son: I was way out of line today.
  • Father: What happened?
  • Son: I acted out in class and the teacher got upset with me.
  • Father: You know better than to act out in class.
  • Son: Well, if I didn’t know before, I do now. She was very good at putting me in my place.

A discussion between two co-workers.

  • Co-worker 1: I need someone to put me in my place from time to time.
  • Co-worker 2: Don’t worry. I can do that for you. I won’t let your ego get too big.

Alternatives to “Me In My Place”

There are several available ways to say the phrase “me in my place” using other words or phrases. Some of the alternative words or phrases you could use include:

  • Remind me of my place
  • Remind me of the order of things
  • Remind me where I stand or rank

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