Men in the Family Vocabulary in English (with Pictures)

Men in the Family! In any family, there are a lot of men and each of them has their own place within the family, whether that is dad or brother, uncle or nephew and they may not play the same role to each of the other family members. When talking about your family you may wish to refer to certain people with their family names rather than their actual name, for example ‘This is my brother.’ In this section, you will learn the nouns you will need to refer to your male family member which will also benefits you in understanding what other people are saying.

Men in the Family Vocabulary

Learn a helpful list of male members in family with ESL pictures and example sentences to improve and enhance your family words in English.

Learn other family members with family tree chart to understand deeply relationships in the family. 

List of Male Members in the Family

  • Great-grandfather
  • Grandfather/ Grandpa
  • Father/ Daddy/ Pa
  • Husband
  • Uncle
  • Father-in-law
  • Brother
  • Nephew
  • Boy
  • Baby boy
  • Twin boys
  • Cousin
  • Brother-in-law
  • Boyfriend

List of Men in Family with Pictures


– This antique belonged to his great-grandfather.

Grandfather/ Grandpa

– My grandpa/ grandfather sent me a large bundle on my birthday.

Father/ Daddy/ Pa

– What does your daddy/ father/ pa look like?


– My husband is a journalist.


– My uncle became severe when I was late.


– Your father-in-law would support your business.


– I have received a letter from my brother.


– He was a nephew of my friend.


– The little boy caught a fish.

Baby boy

– She feeds the baby boy with a spoon.

Twin boys

– I can’t tell the twin boys apart.


– The house belonged to my cousin.


– His brother-in-law proposed a toast to the happy couple.


– She brought her boyfriend to the party.

Men in the Family | Picture

Men in the Family Vocabulary in English (with Pictures)

Members of the Family in English

Learn useful list of family members in English with pictures.

Learn family members with American English pronunciation.

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