“MF” Meaning | What Does “MF” Mean and Stand For?

If you don’t know what the acronym “MF” means when used online or in text message then it is a good thing you came here to learn what it means before using it. This term can be extremely offensive, unless it is used in a joking matter where the receiver knows you are only joking. Below, you will not only find the meaning of this term, but you will also find some information about when it was first used and some other meanings as well. Additionally, you will see some example conversations that you can read to see how this term is used properly and you will discover some other words that you can use in place of this acronym to convey the same meaning.

“MF” Meaning

What Does “MF” Mean?

This slang acronym is used to represent the offensive phrase “mother f**ker.”

Origin of “MF”

This slang acronym and the phrase that it represents was first used in the late 19th-century. It was first recorded being used by a U.S. soldier in 1917 when he referred to his draft board as a bunch of “mother f**kers.” It has since been used as a popular, yet off-color, comment. With the dawn of the internet and text messaging, it was reduced to this acronym to make it quicker, easier, and more convenient to type.

Other Meanings

In some specific circumstances, this acronym can represent many other phrases, titles, process, etc. A small portion of the things that this acronym represents are “Mutual Fund,” “Major Function,” “Ministry of Finance,” “Master File,” and “Main Force.” Again, this is just a small representation of the things that this acronym can represent and there are several more. However, there are too many possibilities to list them all here.

Conversation Examples

A conversation between two friends via text message.

  • Friend 1: My brother is a little mf!
  • Friend 2: OMG! What did he do now?
  • Friend 1: He told my mom that I did something that I didn’t do. He actually did it!
  • Friend 2: So tell your mom you didn’t do it?
  • Friend 1: I tried! She doesn’t believe me!

An online conversation between two Facebook users.

  • User 1: You are one arrogant mf!
  • User 2: What are you talking about? What did I do?
  • User 1: You know what you did! Stephanie told me all about how you hit on her at the party last night!
  • User 2: Wow! And you believe her? I would never do that to you bro! I don’t know why she would say that other than the fact that she doesn’t want you to have any friends, and she is trying to drive them all away by starting nasty rumors like that one.

Synonyms of MF

There are several synonyms that you can use interchangeably with this acronym and the phrase that it represents. Some other words that you can use include:

  • douche bag
  • creep
  • nuisance

MF Meaning Infographic

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