MGTOW Meaning: What Does MGTOW Stand For?

The acronym “MGTOW” or “mgtow” is a much recent slang acronym used in online interactions. If you have seen or heard this phrase recently and have wondered what it means, then look no further than the information below. Here you will find the meaning of this acronym and information regarding its origin. You will also find some other meanings for the acronym if there are any that exist and some example conversations using the acronym in proper context to help you further understand its meaning and how to use it yourself. Finally, you will find some words or phrases that you can use in place of the acronym to still relay the same meaning in conversation.

Key Takeaways

  • MGTOW is an online movement encouraging men to move away from societal expectations and gender norms.
  • The movement shares some roots with the Men’s Rights Movement, emphasizing independent self-reliance for men.
  • MGTOW’s primary focus is on promoting individual growth and freedom for men, but it receives criticism for its anti-feminist and misogynistic undertones.

MGTOW Meaning

What Does MGTOW Mean?

The acronym “MGTOW” or “mgtow” represents the phrase “men going their own way.” The phrase is defined as the ability of men to find their way in life without the need to be defined by a woman. It is men celebrating and embracing their masculinity.

Origin of MGTOW

The “MGTOW” movement began early in the 2000s as men began to respond to the feminist movement. Members of the “MGTOW” movement uphold the position that they do not need long-term relationships with women or believe in the institution of marriage as they view both to be an abusive situation where women expect men to act a specific way due their masculinity but still want their feminist views respected.

Instead, members of this group sometimes no longer engage with women at all for any reason, even for sexual relations. These would be considered the extremists of the movement. The official policy and rules for the group were written by two figureheads of the MRA (Men’s Rights Activism) and adopted officially in 2004 in Hickory, North Carolina.

Related Terms to MGTOW

MGTOW, or Men Going Their Own Way, is a term that encompasses various concepts within the manosphere. The manosphere is an informal, online collection of blogs, forums, and websites where men discuss topics relating to masculinity, men’s rights, relationships, and personal development. Many men within this sphere have found solace in sharing their experiences and thoughts, leading to the creation of terms and ideas that relate specifically to MGTOW.

One significant term associated with MGTOW is Red Pill. The term is borrowed from the movie The Matrix and represents the idea that men need to wake up from the societal illusion of what is considered normal with regard to gender dynamics. By taking the red pill, men are said to see the reality of how society treats men and understand the perceived disadvantages they face.

Another term linked to MGTOW is Incel, short for “involuntary celibate.” This term refers to individuals, primarily men, who feel they are unable to form romantic or sexual relationships due to factors beyond their control. Though not all incels align themselves with MGTOW, there is some overlap between the two groups, as both communities generally discuss the difficulties they encounter in relationships with women.

Men’s Rights Activism (MRA) and the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) are also closely related to MGTOW. MRA and MRM advocate for the perceived inequalities that men experience in society, particularly in areas like family law, workplace dynamics, and access to resources. While these movements do not directly align with MGTOW, the discussions within the manosphere frequently intersect.

It is important to note that MGTOW is a diverse community with varying beliefs and approaches to living independently from traditional expectations of masculinity. Some members advocate complete disengagement from women and romantic relationships, while others might maintain relationships but prioritize personal goals and autonomy. This spectrum of beliefs allows men to find their place within the MGTOW world and shape their path accordingly.

In conclusion, MGTOW is closely connected to various terms and concepts within the broader manosphere. Understanding these related terms, such as Red Pill, Incel, MRA, and MRM, helps provide insight into the diverse perspectives and discussions that take place within the MGTOW community.

Other Meanings

Another meaning of the acronym “MGTOW” comes from the airline industry. In this industry, the acronym “MGTOW” represents the phase “maximum gross takeoff weight” which defines the amount of weight an aircraft can hold to take off and land safely.

Alternatives to “MGTOW”

There are several optional words or phrases that you could use an alternative to the acronym “MGTOW.” Some of these include:

  • writing the phrase out; men going their own way
  • men defining their own masculinity
  • men who don’t need women

MGTOW Examples

Texting and Social Posts

In the digital age, MGTOW has found its way into numerous platforms, including texting and social media posts, where individuals engage in discussions about the movement’s ideologies and values. Platforms such as Reddit, YouTube, and various online forums have become popular meeting points for like-minded men to discuss their experiences, share ideas, and offer advice on pursuing the MGTOW philosophy.

On Reddit, the r/MGTOW subreddit is a hub for conversations around self-preservation, personal sovereignty, and the perceived drawbacks of modern relationships between men and women. This subreddit encourages its members to share their perspectives on MGTOW, giving others an opportunity to learn and exchange ideas, as well as seek help and support within the community.

With texting, it is not uncommon to find the acronym MGTOW being utilized by those familiar with the concept. In casual conversations, people might mention “going MGTOW” as a shorthand for embracing the principles of the movement, distancing oneself from traditional relationships, or focusing on self-improvement.

YouTube has also become a platform where numerous content creators share and disseminate information concerning the MGTOW lifestyle. These creators make videos discussing topics such as the history of the movement, personal experiences, and advice for men who are new to the MGTOW community. The platform’s reach allows for a more significant exchange of ideas and perspectives among its users on this philosophy.

Example Conversations

A text message conversation between two male friends.

  • Friend 1: The recent feminist movement makes me like women even less.
  • Friend 2: Why do you say that?
  • Friend 1: All they do is complain about how oppressed they are when they aren’t. It’s men that are oppressed and forced to conform to their ideas and opinions all the time. Like marriage and respecting them for looking good all the time.
  • Friend 2: I guess I can kind of see your point.
  • Friend 1: I think I am just going to join the MGTOW movement and renounce women altogether.

An online conversation between two Facebook users.

  • User 1: Women are the superior species. It is time that men realized that.
  • User 2: Superior species? Really? Are you even listening to yourself?! Do some research, honey. Men are far more important, dominant and have done much more for the betterment of society than women ever have!
  • User 1: Oh boy ladies! We have an MGTOW crashing the party! Ignore it and it will go away!

MGTOW Meaning Infographic

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main beliefs of MGTOW?

Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) is an anti-feminist, misogynistic online community advocating for men to separate themselves from women and from a society that they believe has been corrupted by feminism. The core belief revolves around self-ownership, where the modern man preserves and protects his own sovereignty.

How does MGTOW view relationships?

The MGTOW movement urges its members to forsake relationships with women, viewing them as detrimental to male wellbeing. They argue that traditional relationships are no longer advantageous to men, often citing court biases, alimony, and child support, as well as the perceived manipulation of women in romantic situations.

What is the purpose of MGTOW?

MGTOW aims to encourage men to define and live out their masculinity on their own terms. The main goal is to regain a sense of autonomy and control over their own lives, without being influenced by the societal expectations placed on men, especially concerning relationships and interaction with women.

How has MGTOW evolved over time?

MGTOW has grown as an online movement in response to the perceived grievances that men face in modern society. While the foundations of the movement have not changed drastically, its membership and online presence have expanded over time. The rise of social media platforms has played a key role in connecting like-minded men and spreading their message.

Are there different levels within MGTOW?

Yes, there are different levels within the MGTOW movement. These levels showcase the varying degrees to which members distance themselves from women and society. They range from simply rejecting long-term relationships and marriage to completely withdrawing from all forms of interaction with women, including casual conversations and friendships. The level of commitment varies among members, based on their personal beliefs and priorities.

1 thought on “MGTOW Meaning: What Does MGTOW Stand For?”

  1. As the acronym indicates, this is a reactive attitude – men feeling, particularly (but probably not exclusively) in English-speaking and French-speaking North America, that all sorts of feminist attitudes, however justified in many ways, have now tilted to balance to the point where all women are hailed as saintly, peaceful, never saying untruths, never manipulative, never corrupt, etc…Even violent behavior and grossly unacceptable social attitudes by women are excused by saying they are in reaction to men or because of their bad example, and any attempt at explaining anything by a male (especially white and older) will be immeditately rejected as ‘mansplaining’, something, on the whole, about as dangerous as a virus. This tilting of things in post-1990s generations was bound to trigger responses by men who feel something is wrong in any extreme position. Women rulers are neither more peaceful or less corrupt as a rule. Women fight. Women can be insulting. Women have been perfecting the art of manipulation for centuries while males were out there with swords and sticks. Read Patricia Highsmith for a female view on this. And so on….

    MGTOW is therefore a skewed perception of something that would go without saying – you become a man by challenging attitudes received from your mother, the woman you are inevitably born from and who in many ways defined you for better or worse. Regardless of the relationship you had and have with your own mother, from lousy to wonderful, even the most gay male wanting nothing to do with females will be defined for a large part by that unavoidable relationship out of which the young male will have grown, forging his own male identity.

    So having a male identity is nothing wrong, on the contrary. Male identity can be made of team spirit with sports fans to gazing at female bodies and liking it, as was the case in all cultures for millenia. MGTOW is therefore the oblique perception by a female group or what they perceive to be the dastardly attitude of males, who not only are awful creatures basking in their desire to dominate (based upon the unavoidable realities of human reproduction) but perverse creatures who try to deny that terrible reality that has kept women supposedly enslaved by male domination, gaze, prejudices, etc… for centuries if not millenia. It may be considered, in a way, the perverse view of a perverted statement. In most human couples, are men boorish barbarians crushing poor little females? Of course not. Can females be bad? Of course. Can males be bad? Of course. Do most men consider rapists as heroes? Asbsolutely not. And so on.

    As soon as ideology takes over human minds, reality is necessarily seen with a lot of false perceptions, that only get worse with time and exchanges, including of course social networks in this day and age where we live through an unprecedented frenzy of communications. Do I feel that all women are admirable? Definitely not. Some women are often less boring than men, but some are simply unbearable as far as I am concerned. It may have to do with perceptions linked with gender, it may also have to do with individuals, quite simply, whatever their gender. My dream is not to bang on drums with naked males in the woods, nor to be reduced to the position of the lone paranoid male in an all-women conference. Sexism, contrary to what some people think, is not men ‘judging’ females. It is like racism, a judgment based upon a group without acknowledging that there may be huge variations in that group. Between the old lady greeter at Wal-mart and Queen Elizabeth the 2nd there is a chasm apart from the fact both are biologically female. Just as I am not Louis XIVth or Adolf Hitler. A roomful of Margaret Thatchers would give me the creeps. A gay cruise is not my bag of chips. Any ideological attitude, or reaction to one, is simply…based on skewed and erroneous principles.


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