130+ Common MISTAKES With PREPOSITIONS And How To Avoid Them

Learn extensive list of Most Common MISTAKES With PREPOSITIONS And How To Avoid Them with examples.

Common Mistakes with Prepositions

Incorrect:     I cannot agree to you in this situation.

Correct:        I cannot agree with you in this situation.


Incorrect:     He agreed with my demands.

Correct:        He agreed to my demands.


Incorrect:     She is waiting the arrival of the postman.

Correct:        She is waiting for the arrival of the postman.


Incorrect:     Please wait inside the white line.

Correct:        Please wait behind the white line.


Incorrect:     I have been waiting from three hours.

Correct:        I have been waiting for three hours.


Incorrect:     He reached at the airport at 3 pm.

Correct:        He reached the airport at 3 pm.


Incorrect:     The flight will depart in 8:00 am.

Correct:        The flight will depart at 8:00 am.


Incorrect:     Yeah! We’re just on time to catch the train.

Correct:        Yeah! We’re just in time to catch the train.


Incorrect:     We should pay our bills in time.

Correct:        We should pay our bills on time.


Incorrect:     I bought the bag with $100.

Correct:        I bought the bag for $100.

Common Mistakes with Prepositions – Image 1

Incorrect    Who is in the phone?

Correct:        Who is on the phone?


Incorrect:     I meet the board members in the office.

Correct:        I meet the board members at the office.


Incorrect:     This is the tallest building of the world.

Correct:        This is the tallest building in the world.


Incorrect:     I often go to school in bus.

Correct:        I often go to school by bus.


Incorrect:    They go to the bus station by foot.

Correct:       They go to the bus station on foot.


Incorrect:    I can see many flowers at the picture.

Correct:       I can see many flowers in the picture.


Incorrect:    Have you ever been in Singapore?

Correct:       Have you ever been to Singapore?


Incorrect:    The Sun rises from the East.

Correct:       The Sun rises in the East.


Incorrect:     Keep the leff, please.

Correct:        Keep to the left, please.


Incorrect:     Sophia invests her money on the stock market.

Correct:        Sophia invests her money in the stock market.

Common Mistakes with Prepositions – Image 2

Incorrect:     He is a student of Oxford University. 

Correct:        He is a student at Oxford University. 


Incorrect:     I saw that news on the newspapers.

Correct:        I saw that news in the newspapers.


Incorrect:     Open page 45 of your books. 

Correct:        Open your books to page 45.


Incorrect:     The cat is sleeping in the sofa.

Correct:        The cat is sleeping on the sofa.


Incorrect:      My birthday is on October.

Correct:         My birthday is in October.


Incorrect:      John has been absent from Friday?

Correct:         John has been absent since Friday ?


Incorrect:      Sophia’s married with a doctor.

Correct:         Sophia’s married to a doctor.


Incorrect:      Divide it between the children in class.

Correct:         Divide it among the children in class.


Incorrect:      It has been snowing from Monday.

Correct:         It has been snowing since Monday.


Incorrect:      The key of happiness is having dreams.

Correct:         The key to happiness is having dreams.

Common Mistakes with Prepositions – Image 3

Incorrect:      What do you see when looking the mirror?

Correct:         What do you see when looking in the mirror?


Incorrect:      She met with old friends on her holiday.

Correct:        She met old friends on her holiday.


Incorrect:     He insisted to carry his own bag.

Correct:        He insisted on carrying his own bag.


Incorrect:     Lunch consisted from sandwiches and fruit.

Correct:        Lunch consisted of sandwiches and fruit.


Incorrect:     It depends from you.

Correct:        It depends on you.


Incorrect:     I need to go to home.

Correct:        I need to go home.


Incorrect:     Attend at your duties, please.

Correct:        Attend to your duties, please.


Incorrect:     I deeply regret for my mistakes.

Correct:        I deeply regret my mistakes.


Incorrect:     He was afraid from cats.

Correct:        He was afraid of cats.


Incorrect:     Adam is so different than his brother.

Correct:        Adam is so different from/to his brother.

Common Mistakes with Prepositions – Image 4

Incorrect:     Her work is superior than mine.

Correct:        Her work is superior to mine.


Incorrect:     I’ll see you at class.

Correct:        I’ll see you in class.


Incorrect:     You should be ashamed for yourself.

Correct:        You should be ashamed of yourself.


Incorrect:     Is it true that Mr.Park died from lung cancer?

Correct:        Is it true that Mr. Park died of lung cancer?


Incorrect:     I’m going to London in the train.

Correct:        I’m going to London by train.


Incorrect:    He was accused for murdering his wife.

Correct:       He was accused of murdering his wife.


Incorrect:    We all complained bitterly for the food.

Correct:       We all complained bitterly about the food.


Incorrect:     Liam failed from maths last month.

Correct:        Liam failed in maths last month.


Incorrect:     I had always been interested for history.

Correct:        I had always been interested in history.


Incorrect:     He doesn’t listen me.

Correct:        He doesn’t listen to me.

Common Mistakes with Prepositions – Image 5

Incorrect:     His advice was a great help for me.

Correct:        His advice was a great help to me.


Incorrect:     What kind of music are you interest?

Correct:        What kind of music are you interested in?


Incorrect:      He spoke in behalf of our class.

Correct:         He spoke on behalf of our class.


Incorrect:      She entered into the kitchen.

Correct:         She entered the kitchen.


Incorrect:      He loves with my friend.

Correct:         He loves my friend.


Incorrect:      Let me help you on your work.

Correct:         Let me help you with your work.


Incorrect:      I recommend you to take this pill.

Correct:         I recommend that you take this pill.


Incorrect:      Come to here with me.

Correct:         Come here with me.


Incorrect:      You must insure for theft and fire.

Correct:         You must insure against theft and fire.


Incorrect:       I’m not really good in Maths.

Correct:          I am not really good at Maths.

Common Mistakes with Prepositions – Image 6

Incorrect:      We went in a trip last week.

Correct:         We went on a trip last week.


Incorrect:      I dream with you every night.

Correct:         I dream about you every night.


Incorrect:      Somebody answer to my question, please.

Correct:         Somebody answer my question, please.


Incorrect:      The judge will decide upon the case.

Correct:         The judge will decide the case.


Incorrect:      Do you want to try this blue dress?

Correct:         Do you want to try on this blue dress?


Incorrect:      He had a daughter of his former wife.

Correct:         He had a daughter by his former wife.


Incorrect:      What is the time in your watch?

Correct:         What is the time by your watch?


Incorrect:      The answer of this question isn’t persuasive.

Correct:         The answer to this question isn’t persuasive.


Incorrect:      Tom is incapable to take care of himself.

Correct:         Tom is incapable of taking care of himself.


Incorrect:       It’s better to avoid to make him angry.

Correct:          It’s better to avoid making him angry.

Common Mistakes with Prepositions – Image 7

Incorrect:       Are you in home?

Correct:          Are you at home?


Incorrect:       I don’t remember my first day in school.

Correct:          I don’t remember my first day at school.


Incorrect:       We crossed the river with a boat.

Correct:          We crossed the river in a boat.


Incorrect:       We stood on a queue for half an hour.

Correct:          We stood in a queue for half an hour.


Incorrect:       I’ll stop for you in the crossroads.

Correct:          I’ll stop for you at the crossroads.


Incorrect:       Sign in the bottom, please.

Correct:         Sign at the bottom, please.


Incorrect:      He was in the bottle for five years.

Correct:         He was on the bottle for five years.


Incorrect:      They are weekending at the coast.

Correct:         They are weekending on the coast.


Incorrect:       Leave the motorway to the next exit.

Correct:          Leave the motorway at the next exit.


Incorrect:       Tens of thousands of soldiers died on the front line.

Correct:          Tens of thousands of soldiers died at the front line.

Common Mistakes with Prepositions – Image 8

Incorrect:       Cross with care on the traffic lights.

Correct:          Cross with care at the traffic lights.


Incorrect:       Jane is on her fourth year at university.

Correct:          Jane is in her fourth year at university.


Incorrect:       Her name was inscribed by the book.

Correct:          Her name was inscribed in the book.


Incorrect:       I put the coin at my pocket.

Correct:          I put the coin in my pocket.


Incorrect:       I got a good deal for my new Toyota.

Correct:          I got a good deal on my new Toyota.


Incorrect:       My cousin lives in 168 Oxford Street.

Correct:          My cousin lives at 168 Oxford Street.


Incorrect:       Have you ever been in a ship like this before?

Correct:          Have you ever been on a ship like this before?


Incorrect:       I listen to the radio in the way to work.

Correct:          I listen to the radio on the way to work.


Incorrect:       Do you like swimming on the sea?

Correct:          Do you like swimming in the sea?


Incorrect:       She got on the taxi.

Correct:          She got into the taxi.

Common Mistakes with Prepositions – Image 9

Incorrect:       I work on the morning.

Correct:          I work in the morning.


Incorrect:       We have two classes at the afternoon.

Correct:          We have two classes in the afternoon.


Incorrect:       It began to rain on the evening.

Correct:          It began to rain in the evening.


Incorrect:       I’ll see you in Monday.

Correct:          I’ll see you on Monday.


Incorrect:       Anna was born at 1st January 2013.

Correct:          Anna was born on 1st January 2013.


Incorrect:       We were in the 10th floor.

Correct:          We were on the 10th floor.


Incorrect:       I’ve set the alarm clock to go off on 7 am.

Correct:          I’ve set the alarm clock to go off at 7 am.


Incorrect:       The meeting terminated on 12 o’clock.

Correct:          The meeting terminated at 12 o’clock.


Incorrect:       He came home very late in night.

Correct:          He came home very late at night.


Incorrect:       I’m taking an exam at January.

Correct:          I’m taking an exam in January.

Common Mistakes with Prepositions – Image 10

Incorrect:       He was born on the spring of 1944.

Correct:          He was born in the spring of 1944.


Incorrect:       It’s very hot here on the summer.

Correct:          It’s very hot here in the summer.


Incorrect:       I was born on 1980.

Correct:          I was born in 1980.


Incorrect:       He was born at the 21st century.

Correct:          He was born in the 21st century.


Incorrect:       She sends me a card in my birthday.

Correct:          She sends me a card on my birthday.


Incorrect:       I’m at the beach in holiday.

Correct:          I’m at the beach on holiday.


Incorrect:       I was really happy at my wedding day.

Correct:          I was really happy on my wedding day.


Incorrect:       I only have a snack in lunch time.

Correct:          I only have a snack at lunch time.


Incorrect:       Tom has helped us on the past.

Correct:          Tom has helped us in the past.


Incorrect:       I’m leaving on a week.

Correct:          I’m leaving in a week.

Common Mistakes with Prepositions – Image 11

Incorrect:      I want to be a pilot at the future.

Correct:         I want to be a pilot in the future.


Incorrect:      I’ll be back at a few minutes

Correct:         I’ll be back in a few minutes


Incorrect:      The weather was cold at the Middle Ages.

Correct:         The weather was cold in the Middle Ages.


Incorrect:       I have class on an hour.

Correct:          I have class in an hour.


Incorrect:      John grew two inches on six months.

Correct:         John grew two inches in six months.


Incorrect:      I am available at that day.

Correct:         I am available on that day.


Incorrect:      I only have a snack in lunch time.

Correct:         I only have a snack at lunch time.


Incorrect:      I slept late in Sunday morning.

Correct:         I slept late on Sunday morning.


Incorrect:      In Christmas Day, I often send my close friends greeting cards.

Correct:         On Christmas Day, I often send my close friends greeting cards..

Common Mistakes with Prepositions – Image 12

Incorrect:      I’ve been busy in exams.

Correct:        I’ve been busy with exams.


Incorrect:     Don’t worry too much for making mistakes.

Correct:        Don’t worry too much about making mistakes.


Incorrect:     We were all astonished for the results of the election.

Correct:        We were all astonished at the results of the election.


Incorrect:     What is the difference of these two houses?

Correct:        What is the difference between these two houses?


Incorrect:     Under the help of my mom, I finished the lunch quickly.

Correct:        With the help of my mom, I finished the lunch quickly.


Incorrect:     There was a limit in his patience, and he had crossed it.

Correct:        There was a limit to his patience, and he had crossed it.


Incorrect:      Keep silent and wait for your turn, please.

Correct:         Keep silent and wait your turn, please.


Incorrect:      The cat got in from the window to catch the mouse.

Correct:         The cat got in through the window to catch the mouse.


Incorrect:      The teacher has promised to look at the matter.

Correct:         The teacher has promised to look into the matter.


Incorrect:      The government’s interference with the strike has been criticized.

Correct:         The government’s interference in the strike has been criticized.

Common Mistakes with Prepositions – Image 13

Incorrect:      Leave the motorway to the next exit.

Correct:         Leave the motorway at the next exit.


Incorrect:      I have seen her in television, but never in the flesh.

Correct:         I have seen her on television, but never in the flesh.


Incorrect:      You can find all kinds of information in the internet.

Correct:         You can find all kinds of information on the internet.


Incorrect:      She cannot say she is jealous of pictures at a page.

Correct:         She cannot say she is jealous of pictures on a page.


Incorrect:      I bumped into her quite by chance at Washington Street.

Correct:         I bumped into her quite by chance in Washington Street.


Incorrect:      There is a public convenience in the corner of the street.

Correct:         There is a public convenience at the corner of the street.


Incorrect:      The TV campaign is aimed for the 16–24 age group.

Correct:          The TV campaign is aimed at the 16–24 age group.


Incorrect:        We arrived to his house and knocked at the door.

Correct:           We arrived at his house and knocked at the door.


Incorrect:         I am going to take a nine-month course of Chinese.

Correct:            I am going to take a nine-month course in Chinese.


Incorrect:         The president arrived in California on a helicopter yesterday.

Correct:            The president arrived in California in a helicopter yesterday.

Common Mistakes with Prepositions – Image 14

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