MMO Meaning: What Does The Trendy Term “MMO” Stand For?

Have you ever seen the internet slang term MMO being used during an online conversation? If so, you may have wondered what the slang term means. We are going to be taking a look at the meaning of this slang term as well as taking a look at some examples of how it can be used in a conversation. We are also going to find out where this slang term originally came from.

MMO Meaning

What Does MMO Mean?

The internet slang term MMO means “Massively Multiplayer Online” and refers to an online game of very large proportions.

Origin of MMO

The origin of the internet slang term MMO comes from a longer acronym MMORPG which means massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Other meanings

The texting abbreviation MMO can also carry the meaning of means, motive, and opportunity, which refers to crime.

Conversation Examples

We are now going to take a look at some examples of conversation in which the internet slang term MMO might appear. It is a commonly used slang term and therefore is likely to be seen regularly online.

The first conversation is taking place on a gaming website forum between two people discussing a new game. In this conversation, the slang term MMO refers to the meaning of massively multiplayer online.

  • Person 1; “Have you seen the new game released on iTunes?”
  • Person 2; “No, what is it?”
  • Person 1; “It’s MMO which I know you would love to play. Check it out.”

This next conversation is taking place between two people who are emailing one another about a crime, the slang term MMO refers to the meaning of means, motive, and opportunity in this case.

  • Person 1; “We believe that it may have been the man who lives at number 27 who committed the arson attack.”
  • Person 2; “What gives you this suspicion?”
  • Person 1; “He was the only one in the area with an MMO, he had easy access to lighter fluid, he did not like the owner of the building and he was in the area in the early hours when nobody else was around.”

Other Ways to Say MMO

There are other ways in which you might refer to the meaning of the slang term MMO, such as MMORPG (referring to the meaning massively multiplayer online).

MMO Infographic

MMO Meaning: What Does The Useful Term "MMO? Stand For?Pin

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