“Mojo” Meaning | What Does This Term Stand For?

Although most people would think that the term “mojo” originated in the 90s in the movie Austin Powers, the truth is that the word has been in use for much longer than that. Here you will find out just how long it has been in use, where it came from, and the meaning of the term.

You will also see some other meanings of the slang term and some example conversations so you can see the slang term used in context to help you better understand its definition. Lastly, you will see some synonymous words or phrases that can be used in place of this term to bear the same meaning in a conversation.

“Mojo” Meaning

What Does “Mojo” Mean?

This slang term is defined to mean some sort of magical good luck, charm, or skill that some people seem to have that others don’t and most times wish they did.

Origin of “Mojo”

It is said that this term was first recorded being used sometime in the 20th century between 1925 to 1930. It is believed that this slang term originated from the African word “moco” meaning “witchcraft.”

Other Meanings

This term can also be defined as the practice of casting spells, as in the art of voodoo or witchcraft. It can also be used to refer to an artifact that holds some sort of magical powers, such as an amulet.

Conversation Examples

A text message exchange between two friends.

  • Friend 1: I wish I had as much mojo as Kevin seems to have.
  • Friend 2: Why do you say?
  • Friend 1: Because then I would be able to capture the interest of every girl I wanted too.

An online conversation between two Instagram users.

  • User 1: (Posts a picture) I am looking so good RN, I just had to post this pic! Mojo for days!
  • User 2: What mojo? I see no mojo here. You wouldn’t even know what it was!
  • User 1: Wow! Harsh! I don’t even know you!

Synonyms for “Mojo”

There are several words or phrases that you could use as a synonym for this term. Some of the alternative words or phrases that you could use to represent this term instead include:

  • confidence
  • influence
  • charisma

“Mojo” Meaning Infographic