Mood Words: 121 Words to Describe Moods in English

What are mood words? “What put you in a mood?” is something that many of us have been told at some point in our lives.

Our mood can be confusing at times, we’re not always aware of what triggers them. But as complicated as they may seem, they are a very important part of our emotional rhythm, and learning more about them, will help us to gain some control over them, making it easier to understand why we feel the way we do and how we can change it.

This article may help you to do just that, as here we are going to talk about what moods really are and how they differ from emotions. If that’s not enough, we are also going to share with you a list of mood words to help you describe your mood.

Mood Words

What Are Moods and Mood Words?

The word ‘mood’ itself, is a noun. The concept of human moods was discovered around the 1830s by Thomas Brown, along with emotions and feelings. With continuous research, it was found that our moods caused by three things. These are:

  • Our brain, due to our hormones and brain chemicals.
  • Our psychology, due to our personality and learned responses.
  • Our environment, due to illnesses and emotional stress.

Mood words are words that are used to describe moods.

A mood is the temporary state of your mind or the way you feel, but people also use this word to only refer specifically to a bad mood. Although, moods can be good and bad. Now, just like emotions and feelings,  moods have a positive and a negative side. However, what makes it stand out is that you are able to feel positive and negative emotions and feelings, at the same time. With moods, however, you can only be on one side.

Moods vs. Emotions (Mood Words vs. Emotion Words)

The line between moods and emotions can sometimes be very unclear, which may be one of the reasons why so many of us struggle to control and understand them. The fact is, moods and emotions are not the same thing at all. Why?

A mood can last for a lot longer than an emotion, as it can last anywhere between minutes to hours. This is the main reason why being able to identify exactly what triggers our mood is very close to impossible. And because moods only have two sides that never mix with one another, facial expressions don’t have much of a variety which is why understanding what someone is feeling can be hard to understand. A mood can also influence our emotions.

An emotion, however, is significantly different. As an emotion typically lasts anywhere between seconds to minutes, meaning the source of the trigger is a lot easier to identify, and because we are able to feel more than one emotion at a time, whether it’s positive and/or negative, it’s a lot easier to understand what someone is feeling. Emotion can also manifest itself into a mood and is caused by external stimulus.

To conclude the difference between a mood and an emotion; a mood can be long-lasting, can only be positive or negative, hard to identify its cause as it’s more cerebral and can influence our emotions. Whilst an emotion can pass by a lot faster, its triggers can be easily identified, is more action-oriented, and can transform itself into a mood.

Mood Words List

You’ll find that you can often use the same words to describe an emotion, to also describe a mood.

Positive Mood Words

– Amused

– Awe

– Blissful

– Bubbly

– Calm

– Cheerful

– Chipper

– Confident

– Contemplative

– Content

– Determined

– Dignified

– Dreamy

– Ecstatic

– Energetic

– Enlightened

– Enthralled

– Elated

– Empowered

– Excited

– Exhilarated

– Flirty

– Friendly

– Giddy

– Good

– Happy

– Harmonious

– Hopeful

– Humorous

– Hyper

– Idyllic

– Inclusive

– Joyful

– Jubilant

– Liberating

– Light-hearted

– Loving

– Mellow

– Nostalgic

– Optimistic

– Peaceful

– Playful

– Refreshed

– Rejuvenated

– Relieved

– Romantic

– Sentimental

– Silly

– Surprised

– Sympathetic

– Tender

– Thankful

– Thoughtful

– Touched

– Trustful

– Vivacious

– Warm

– Welcoming

– Whimsical

Negative Mood Words

– Aggravated

– Angry

– Annoyed

– Anxious

– Apathetic

– Bad

– Barren

– Brooding

– Cold

– Confining

– Confused

– Cranky

– Crushed

– Cynical

– Depressed

– Desolate

– Disappointed

– Discontented

– Distressed

– Drained

– Embarrassed

– Enraged

– Envious

– Exhausted

– Fatalistic

– Fearful

– Foreboding

– Frustrated

– Gloomy

– Grumpy

– Guilty

– Haunting

– Heartbroken

– Hopeless

– Hostile

– Indifferent

– Insidious

– Intimidated

– Irritated

– Lonely

– Madness

– Melancholy

– Merciless

– Moody

– Mysterious

– Nightmarish

– Numb

– Ominous

– Overwhelmed

– Painful

– Pessimistic

– Predatory

– Rejected

– Restless

– Sad

– Serious

– Sombre

– Stressed

– Suspenseful

– Tense

– Terrifying

– Threatening

– Vengeful

– Violent

– Weird

– Worried

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