NBD Meaning: What Does NBD Mean? Useful Text Conversations

What does NBD mean? Are you looking for the definition of NBD with texting conversation examples? You have come to the right place! here we are going to explain how and when to use this text abbreviation with useful ESL infographic.

NBD Meaning

What Does NBD Mean?

“NBD” means “no big deal”

No big deal” is the long version of “NBD.” This expression can also be used in a variety of situations.

People often use this expression to show that something is not so important. This can be used to prioritize work or to let someone know that their mistake wasn’t so bad.

Conversation Examples

There are lots of people who use this internet slang term in their daily conversations.

Let’s look at some examples:

Example 1

  • Friend 1: I wanted to meet with you guys, but something came up. I can’t make it, sorry!
  • Friend 2: NBD, we’ll see you next time.

Friend 1 apologized for missing the meeting. Friend 2 lets him know that it’s NBD, or not so serious, and they can meet up again later. This is a way to make someone who apologized not feel so bad for what they did.

Example 2

  • Co-worker 1: This has been a busy week. Will we have time to get that report by the deadline?
  • Co-worker 2: Yeah. The boss told me that the client will be out of town. It’s NBD, we can take our time.

Co-worker 1 is worried about getting a report in on time. Co-worker 2 lets her know that it’s a low priority item since the client won’t need it right away. They can take their time and work on other projects.

Other Meanings of NBD

  • Next Business Day
  • New Business Development
  • National Business Development
  • Never Back Down
  • Never Been Done
  • Negative Big Difference
  • Neighborhood Business District
  • National Board of Directors
  • Nervous Break Down
  • Network Block Devices
  • Never Been Done
  • No Bloody Infantry
  • Neighborhood

NBD Meaning Infographic

NBD Meaning: What Does NBD Mean? Useful Text ConversationsPin

Other Ways to Say NBD

“No Big Deal” Synonyms List

  • It’s not a big deal.
  • It’s nothing much.
  • It’s not important.
  • It’s insignificant.
  • It will not matter.
  • There’s nothing significant.
  • It’s nothing serious.
  • It’s nothing significant.

Different Ways to Say “No Big Deal” with Examples

It’s not a big deal

  • Oh, it’s not a big deal. Just a paper jam. I’ll take them out.

It’s nothing much

  • It’s nothing much, but it’s heavy.

It’s not important

  • It’s not important whether a formal parameter has a default value or not.

It’s insignificant

  • We need her to tell us something she may have forgotten, even if it’s insignificant.

It will not matter

  • Meanwhile, the federalists try to pretend that this is not happening, or that it will not matter.

There’s nothing significant

  •  I hope there’s nothing significant in that.

It’s nothing serious

  • I know it’s nothing serious and I feel quite unemotional about it.

It’s nothing significant

  • I’m sure it’s nothing significant but I need to get it looked at.

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