NN Meaning: What Does This Popular Acronym “NN” Mean in Texting?

The trendy acronym “NN” represents a phrase that is normally used in some form by every person every day. If you have recently encountered this acronym and a search for its meaning led you here, then you have made it to the right place. Here you will not only find the meaning, but you will also discover the details of its origin and some other meanings if there are any to be found. You will also find some example conversations to help you see how the acronym is used in a proper context. Finally, you will discover some synonyms for this acronym and the phrase that it represents.

NN Meaning

What Does NN Mean?

This slang acronym is most frequently used in online chatting and text messaging to represent the phrase “night, night.” It is used to say goodnight or end a conversation at the end of an evening.

Origin of NN

The exact origin of this acronym and the phrase it represents are not known. However, it is speculated that the phrase began being used in the 1800s as an alternative form of bidding someone goodnight. It is believed it started as the phrase “nighty-night” before it became the phrase stated above.

Other Meanings

This acronym can also be used to represent many other simple phrases such as “not now,” “not necessary,” “no need,” “no no,” and “no name.” The acronym can also represent more technical terms like “Nearest Neighbor,” “Neural Network,” “Nice Nade,” “No Noobs,” and “Not Negotiable.” This is not an exhaustive list of possibilities because there are just too many choices to mention them all here.

Conversation Examples

A conversation between boyfriend and girlfriend.

  • Girlfriend: I have to go and get some sleep, hon.
  • Boyfriend: Yeah, I should too. It is late!
  • Girlfriend: Yes, it is. I will see you tomorrow at school. NN! Kisses!
  • Boyfriend: Goodnight, babe. See you tomorrow! Kisses!

An online discussion between two Facebook users.

  • User 1: NN everyone! Time to hit the sack, so I can get up in the morning and do it all over again!
  • User 2: Goodnight girl! I will see you tomorrow at school!

Synonyms of NN

There are plenty of other words or phrases that can be used as a replacement for this phrase in a conversation that convey the exact same meaning. Some other words or phrases you could use include:

  • Sweet dreams!
  • Sleep well
  • Have a good sleep
  • Dream about me!
  • I’ll be dreaming of you!
  • Dream of Mama/Papa!
  • Sleep well, my little prince/princess!
  • Jesus loves you, and so do I!
  • Sleep snug as a bug in a rug!
  • Go to bed, you sleepy head!
  • Sleep tight!
  • Time to ride the rainbow to dreamland!
  • Don’t forget to say your prayers!
  • Goodnight, the little love of my life!
  • Night Night.
  • Lights out!
  • See ya’ in the mornin’!
  • I’ll be right here in the morning.
  • Dream of me
  • Until tomorrow.

NN Meaning Infographic

NN Meaning: What Does This Popular Acronym Mean in Texting?Pin

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