No Rest for The Wicked: Definition of this Interesting Phrase with Examples

The phrase ‘no rest for the wicked’ may often be heard during a conversation but what does it mean, and where did this saying come from? We are going to answer both of these questions as well as looking at how we can use this term in our own conversations.

No Rest for The Wicked

No Rest for The Wicked Meaning

The term ‘no rest for the wicked’ means that those who do evil will suffer for eternity, however the term is more popularly used to say that work never ends.
Origin of this idiom
The idiomatic phrase ‘no rest for the wicked’ originally came from the book of Isaiah in the Bible and originally read as ‘no peace for the wicked.’

“No Rest for The Wicked” Examples

Examples in Statements

This is a statement made in an advertisement for a day spa.

  • ‘Do you ever feel as though there is no rest for the wicked? Then come and spend a relaxing day with us and cool off.’

Here is a statement made from someone in the workplace.

  • ‘I have so many jobs to do but then there is no rest for the wicked.’

Conversation Examples

If you are curious to see how the term ‘no rest for the wicked’ would fit into a conversation, here are some examples of what you might hear.
The first conversation is between a husband and wife.

  • Person 1: “You are doing so much overtime at work just recently.”
  • Person 2: “I have to, there is so much to do.”
  • Person 1: “You need to take it easy.”
  • Person 2: “There is no rest for the wicked.”

Here is a conversation which is happening between two friends.

  • Person 1: ” I haven’t seen much of Dave recently, have you?”
  • Person 2: “No, but he has been working every day as well as taking care of his sick daughter.”
  • Person 1: “Oh dear, there is no rest for the wicked.”

Other Ways to Say the Phrase

There are many other ways in which you can express the meaning of the term ‘no rest for the wicked.’
Here are some examples of other things you could say in its place.

  • All work and no play
  • The workload never ends

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