NOSE Idioms: 10 Useful Phrases & Idioms with Nose

Nose idioms are a fascinating aspect of the English language. They add color and depth to our conversations, allowing us to express ourselves in creative and nuanced ways. In this article, we will explore some of the most common nose idioms in the English language. We’ll look at their origins, meanings, and usage, and see how they can help us communicate more effectively.

List of Idioms with Nose

  • Cut Off Your Nose to Spite Your Face
  • Have Your Nose in the Air
  • It’s No Skin off My (Your) Nose (Back)
  • Keep Your Nose Clean
  • On the Nose
  • Powder One’s Nose
  • Right Under (One’s) Nose
  • Rub Someone’s Nose in (Something)
  • Stick Your Nose into Something
  • Have a Nose for (Something)

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Nose Idioms with Meaning and Examples

Cut Off Your Nose to Spite Your Face

  • Meaning: to do something that will harm you more than it will harm the person you are angry with.
  • Example: “He cut off his nose to spite his face by quitting his job just because he didn’t like his boss.”

Have Your Nose in the Air

  • Meaning: to have a snobbish or disdainful attitude.
  • Example: “She has had her nose in the air ever since she moved here. She doesn’t seem interested in making friends with any of us.”

It’s No Skin off My (Your) Nose (Back)

  • Meaning: This idiom means that the outcome will not affect you personally.
  • Example: “I don’t really care if Jean’s project fails. It’s no skin off my nose.

Keep Your Nose Clean

  • Meaning: to stay out of trouble or to avoid doing anything wrong.
  • Example: “If you want to keep your job, you’d better keep your nose clean and not get involved in any office politics.”

On the Nose

  • Meaning: to be exactly right or accurate.
  • Example: “His prediction was right on the nose. The stock market went up exactly as he had predicted.”

Powder One’s Nose

  • Meaning: to go to the bathroom, especially to apply makeup or freshen up.
  • Example: “Excuse me, I need to go powder my nose before the meeting starts.”

Right Under (One’s) Nose

  • Meaning: to be very close or nearby, but not noticed.
  • Example: “The keys were right under my nose the whole time, but I didn’t see them.”

Rub Someone’s Nose in (Something)

  • Meaning: to remind someone of their mistakes or failures in a way that is humiliating or hurtful.
  • Example: “She lost the game, but her opponent didn’t have to rub her nose in it by gloating about her victory.”

Stick Your Nose into Something

  • Meaning: to interfere in someone else’s business or affairs.
  • Example: “I wish he would stop sticking his nose into my personal life and just mind his own business.”

Have a Nose for (Something)

  • Meaning: to have an ability to detect or identify something.
  • Example: “She has a nose for good investments and always knows where to put her money.”

Interactive Exercises

Exercise 1: Choose the correct idiom that fits in the sentence.

1.Sarah is always looking down on others. She _________________.

a) has her nose in the air

b) sticks her nose into something

c) has a nose for something

d) cuts off her nose to spite her face

2. I don’t care if you don’t want to come to the party. It’s __________________.

a) no skin off my nose

b) right under my nose

c) keeping my nose clean

d) powdering my nose

3. John always gets involved in other people’s business. He can’t help but ____________________.

a) rub their nose in something

b) have his nose in the air

c) stick his nose into something

d) cut off his nose to spite his face

4. I have a good sense of smell, so I ________________________ when there’s something delicious cooking.

a) rub my nose in it

b) have my nose in the air

c) have a nose for something

d) keep my nose clean

5. After the game, the coach told the players to ____________________ and not get into any trouble.

a) keep their nose clean

b) cut off their nose to spite their face

c) have their nose in the air

d) powder their nose

Exercise 2: Fill in the blanks with the correct nose idiom.

  1. I don’t want to _________________, but I think you’re making a mistake.
  2. Don’t _________________, or you’ll regret it later. She’s always talking about her expensive clothes and jewelry. She ______________________.
  3. I accidentally spilled the drink on her dress, but she said, “_____________________.”
  4. He’s always trying to show off his knowledge. He must _______________________.


Exercise 1:

1a – 2a – 3c – 4c- 5a

Exercise 2:

  1. stick my nose into something
  2. cut off your nose to spite your face
  3. has her nose in the air
  4. It’s no skin off my back
  5. have his nose

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As you can see, there are a lot of idioms about the nose, ears, and eyes. But we hope we’ve given you a good start. Now, put your nose to the grindstone and study these some more!