95 Common Noun and Adjective Collocations in English (N-Z)

Learn Common Noun and Adjective Collocations in English (From N to Z)

List of useful Noun and Adjective Collocations with examples.

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Common Adjective Noun Combinations (N-Z)

Nasty habit

  • He had the nasty habit of eating with his mouth open.

Nasty shock

  • Come and sit down. You’ve had a nasty shock.

Native country

  • After five years in America, she returned to her native country, Japan.

Native speaker

  • For the spoken language, students are taught by native speakers.

Natural causes

  • He died from natural causes, believed to be a heart attack.

Natural disaster

  • Los Angeles will be hit by another terrible natural disaster.

Natural resources

  • We must preserve our natural resources.

Negative attitude

  • Many teenagers have a very negative attitude towards cooking.

Nervous wreck

  • The attack had left her a nervous wreck.

Net profit

  • The company made a net profit of $10.5 million.

Net result

  • The net result of all these changes is that schools should be able to deliver a better service to pupils.

Net worth

  • At that time, the company had assets of $5.9 million and a net worth of $11,000.

New generation

  • This is a new generation of vehicle.

New job

  • I’m thinking of applying for a new job.

Next-door neighbours

  • Our next-door neighbours say they’ll look after our cat for us while we’re away.

Nice time

  • I was having a nice time here for about three days.

Non-stop flight

  • This is the first non-stop flight to Tokyo.

Occupational hazard

  • Eye strain is an occupational hazard if you work in front of a computer.

Odd job

  • Sam does odd jobs for friends and neighbours.

Odd socks

  • He was wearing odd socks – one blue one and one black one.

Old age

  • When you get to old age, everything seems to take longer.

Opening hours

  • It has opening hours from 05 : 30 to 23 : 00.

Optional extras

  • Although the heater was standard, the radio was still an optional extra.

Organic farming

  • Organic farming techniques and success story of a farmer were also shown.

Overall effect

  • The overall effect of the painting is overwhelming.

Painful memory

  • He sobbed as he relived the painful memory.

Painful reminder

  • This violence is a painful reminder that peace is still a long way away.

Personal belongings

  • You should be given a private locker to store your personal belongings.

Political prisoner

  • The total number of political prisoners to be released is 74.

Poor eyesight

  • They have poor eyesight, but keen senses of hearing, smell, and touch.

Poor health

  • He had been in poor health since suffering a stroke last year.

Popular belief

  • Contrary to popular belief, birds need more than just seed.

Private life

  • In their private life, he’s afraid of her.

Public opinion

  • I think public opinion is that no one condones these places.

Quick fix

  • This is just not another quick fix with a bucket of sand.

Quiet life

  • She lived a quiet life in the countryside.

Quiet night

  • He says he’s really tired or he wants a quiet night.

Racial discrimination

  • All of our decisions are free of any kind of racial discrimination.

Rainy day

  • It’s a cold rainy day in October.

Rapturous reception

  • He was given a rapturous reception.

Rave review

  • They are bound to earn rave reviews from all who indulge.

Real life

  • I love that sense of revelation just like in real life.

Real wages

  • Official statistics show real wages declining by 24%.

Regular exercise

  • Regular exercise helps keep your weight down.

Rhetorical question

  • His critics even smile in anticipation of a rhetorical question meeting with a devastating reply.

Rich person

  • A rich person is seldom in want of a friend.

Rough draft

  • We send over rough drafts and they try to figure it out.

Rough estimate

  • I can give you a rough estimate of the amount of wood you will need.

Rough idea

  • Can you give me a rough idea of how much the repairs will cost?

Round number

  • A hundred pounds is a good round number.

Runny nose

  • A runny nose may be the result of an allergic reaction.

Safe distance

  • You should keep a safe distance from the car in front.

Serious accident

  • The road is closed following a serious accident.

Serious illness

  • Her husband was in hospital for six months with a serious illness.

Serious injury

  • He says that the allegations caused serious injury to his reputation.

Severe penalty

  • The magistrate imposed severe penalties – they were severely punished.

Severe pressure

  • We are under severe pressure to reduce the wage bill and make 500 workers redundant.

Severe rain/shortage

  • The heavy rain caused severe damage to crops and, later on, a severe shortage of food.

Severe weather/winter

  • The severe weather/severe winter meant that hundreds of schools had to be closed.

Speedy recovery

  • We wish him a speedy recovery.

Steady job

  • I haven’t had a steady job since last March.

Steady relationship

  • It was his first steady relationship.

Stiff competition

  • There is stiff competition between the three leading soap manufacturers.

Strong accent

  • She speaks English quite well but with a strong French accent.

Strong coffee / cheese

  • I needed some strong coffee to wake me up.

Strong criticism

  • The planned sale had attracted strong criticism from some farmers.

Strong denial

  • If you don’t have a strong denial mechanism, try waking up in your bed at 3am when there are no distractions.

Strong influence

  • Martina Hingis has always exerted a strong influence on the way I play tennis.

Strong supporter / opponent

  • He was a strong supporter of co-education.

Strong view

  • I don’t have very strong views on this and I had some support.

Terrible conscience

  • I have a terrible conscience about it.

Tight grip

  • The recession could be avoided if business keeps a tight grip on its costs.

Tight schedule

  • It was an alarmingly tight schedule.

Total bliss

  • It’s just total bliss.

Total ecstasy

  • Her eyes are closed, and the girl seems lost in total ecstasy or even in deep sleep.

Total madness

  • It’s a revolution, and it’s total madness,” says Internet telephony guru Jeff Pulver.

Ulterior motive

  • He’s just being nice. I don’t think he has any ulterior motives.

Uncertain future

  • After he is gone, we face a highly uncertain future.

Unfair dismissal

  • He still hopes to win his claim against unfair dismissal.

Urban sprawl

  • Some bears have traveled up to 40 miles into the urban sprawl.

Utter catastrophe

  • People fear most an utter catastrophe on the financial side.

Vague memory

  • I have only a vague memory of what the house looked like.

Valid point

  • I think that’s a valid point.

Valid reason

  • I had a perfectly valid reason for being there.

Valuable contribution

  • Muriel has made a valuable contribution to our company’s success.

Valuable information

  • I would like to share this very valuable information to my customers.

Violent movie

  • Children should not be allowed to watch violent movies.

Visiting hours

  • The people who beat us came to the hospital in visiting hours.

Vital organs

  • The judiciary and the others are vital organs of the new democracy.

Vital role

  • The police play a vital role in our society.

Weak point

  • There are some weak points in her argument.

Wild animal

  • In my opinion, wild animals should not be kept in zoos.

Wrong number

  • I expected to be told that I had the wrong number.

Young person

  • It’s a group of young people.

Zero visibility

  • With the strong wind and snow, there is practically zero visibility.

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95 Common Noun and Adjective Collocations in English (N-Z)

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