25 Useful Noun Collocations with the Preposition OF 1

25 Useful Noun Collocations with the Preposition OF

Learn common noun collocations with the preposition OF in English with examples.

Collocation Examples

Useful Noun Collocations with the Preposition OF

A cause of

  • She is the cause of all his problems.

A photograph of

  • He took a photograph of the mountains.

Address of

  • Go to our website to get the address of your nearest branch.

Advantage of

  • He has the advantage of speaking English fluently.

Awareness of

  • There is a growing awareness of the impact of climate change among the young.

Disadvantage of

  • One major disadvantage of the area is the lack of public transport.

Exhibition of

  • We went to see an exhibition of Viking jewellery.

Experience of

  • Do you have any previous experience of working with children?

Fear of

  • His fear of flying made travel difficult.

Grasp of

  • He has a good grasp of German grammar.

Habit of

  • His habit of smoking in restaurants caused many problems in California.

Knowledge of

  • For this job you need some knowledge of Portuguese.

Love of

  • His love of singing developed when he was a child.

Member of

  • Can anyone become a member of your book club?

Memory of

  • Their memories of traveling in Africa will stay with them forever.

Method of

  • Questionnaires are not necessarily the best method of collecting sociological data.

Possibility of

  • He was the first to see the possibilities of the plan.

Problem of

  • The problem of finding a good babysitter is one that many parents have faced.

Process of

  • The process of painting such a large mural is more complicated than you might think.

Risk of

  • We all know the risks of getting a virus if we don’t protect our computer.

Understanding of

  • The committee has little or no understanding of the problem.

Cause of

  • He pleaded the cause of the local fishermen.

Example of

  • It is a perfect example of a medieval castle.

Way of

  • I’m not happy with this way of working.

Relevance of

  • I don’t see the relevance of your question.

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noun collocations with the preposition OF

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