Noun + Noun: +65 Common Noun Collocations in English (P-W) 1

Noun + Noun: +65 Common Noun Collocations in English (P-W)

Learn Common Noun & Noun Collocations in English (From P to W).

Collocation Examples

Common Noun and Noun Collocations in English (P-W)

Package holiday

  • The company was the first to offer package holidays to tourists.

Panic attack

  • There may also be panic attacks and a history of attempted suicide.

Parking ticket

  • I came back to find a parking ticket on the windscreen.

Peer group

  • She was rejected by her peer group.

Personality disorder

  • These two personality disorders are analogous in their erratic and aggressive behavior.

Personnel carrier

  • It says that only four damaged armored personnel carriers can be returned.

Pipe bomb

  • I just kept hearing all the gunshots and the pipe bombs.

Pork barrel

  • Client politics and pork barrel politics are associated with constituency work.

Position paper

  • Cummins prepared a position paper at that meeting laying out his arguments.

Post office

  • I work in the reservation post office.

Power politics

  • The last month has been a portrait in the new power politics.

Pressure group

  • They were up against a powerful pressure group.

Price competition

  • The result has been intense price competition that has hastened a shakeout.

Probation officer

  • He worked as a senior probation officer and was born in 1942.

Production cost

  • A simple production that could easily sell to cover the production cost.

Production line

  • The company has added production lines at its mills and joint ventures.

Profit margin

  • The decline is like manna from heaven for corporate profit margins.

Property right

  • The initial assignment of property rights determines who builds the fence.

Quality of life

  • He had a quality of life that no one could have wanted.

Rental income

  • It too counts on rental income for most of its earnings.

Report card

  • His father signed his report card.

Return address

  • The letter arrived in a white envelope with no return address.

Return flight

  • It was on his return flight that things began to get awkward.

Road rage

  • Climbing out of the cockpit, he was the picture of road rage.

Road safety

  • Road safety is taught to young children to avoid road accidents.

Room for improvement

  • We can see there is a whole lot of room for improvement.

Root cause

  • It is the root cause of divisions and conflict in our country.

Root crop

  • The main food crops are corn, yams, cassava and other root crops.

Savings bond

  • Savings bonds can also be used to help defer college education costs.

School day

  • The school day is divided into seven periods.

Search warrant

  • This mail cannot be opened by postal inspectors without a search warrant.

Security blanket

  • I want Benjamin to grow up with his own grandparent security blanket.

Security forces

  • Members of the security forces never aimed their actions against citizens.

Sense of direction

  • They have a good sense of direction to enable them to return.

Service charge

  • A four per cent service charge will be levied on all loans.

Service industry

  • The food service industry was meant to run on minimum wage.

Shock therapy

  • He was a supporter of electric shock therapy and taught its use.

Shorthand typist

  • His college offered to train him as a piano tuner, a lathe operator or a Braille shorthand typist.

Shoulder strap

  • It is worn with a shoulder strap and sits on the hip.

Single entry

  • His new visa is for single entry and valid only for one week.

Small-town girl

  • Only in Manhattan can a small-town girl from Montana meet a guy from New Zealand.

Soup kitchen

  • Some were lucky enough to catch a meal at a soup kitchen.

Speed limit

  • They said he was exceeding the speed limit on the curve.

Sports car

  • My friend really loves sports car.

Stag night

  • We couldn’t organise a stag night in a brewery!

Study hall

  • They held a study hall in the room with the biggest window.

Stun gun

  • He was shocked with a stun gun as many as 21 times.

Suicide bombing

  • They gave him two vests for suicide bombing, officials said.

Summit meeting

  • I have two suggestions for the summit meeting organizers.

Surround sound

  • Surround sound has been around in movie theaters and at homes for decades.

Tax break

  • The vehicle for this tax break is the charitable remainder trust.

Tax shelter

  • The tax shelter benefits result in a tax incidence disadvantaging the poor.

Term paper

  • I hardly think we have a term paper on our hands.

Testing ground

  • The defense budget could become a testing ground for that new power.

Trade route

  • I want to look at free agency but also the trade route.

Trading floor

  • An existing floor will also be converted to become a trading floor.

Transfer agent

  • I understand that transfer agents are employed to handle shareholder records.

Trial court

  • They were brought to the trial court because of their criminal actions.

Trial lawyer

  • The trial lawyers have political muscle to back up their motivations.

Voting booth

  • We have got to get people out to the voting booth.

Voting machine

  • She returned in a few minutes with a portable electronic voting machine.

Voting rights

  • He delegated his voting rights to his secretary.

War crime

  • They were supposed to be removed and tried for war crimes.

War game

  • The war games are conducted with live ammunition and heavy military machines.

Water cannon

  • Police massed in the city and turned water cannons on the crowd.

Word blindness

  • He believed that word blindness was the result of lesions to the left angular and supramarginal gyri.

Word salad

  • I can see few if any useful edits, but several page blankings and insertions of word salad.

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