Noun + WITH: 10+ Common Noun Collocations with WITH

We all know that learning English can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to mastering the intricacies of the language. One of the most challenging aspects of English is understanding collocations, which are words that frequently appear together. In this article, we will explore the topic of collocations with “with” and provide you with some useful examples to help you improve your English vocabulary.

List of Common Noun Collocations with WITH

  • Argument with
  • Concern with
  • Connection with
  • Contact with
  • Date with
  • Dealings with
  • Difficulty with
  • Involvement with
  • Link with
  • Meeting with
  • Quarrel with
  • Relationship with
  • Sympathy with

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collocations with with

Noun + With Collocations with Examples

Argument with

  • Meaning: Having a disagreement or argument with someone.
  • Example: She had an argument with her friend over a misunderstanding.

Concern with

  • Meaning: Being concerned or focused on a particular issue or topic.
  • Example: His concern with the environment led him to become an environmental activist.

Connection with

  • Meaning: Having a relationship or connection with someone or something.
  • Example: The book draws a connection with the author’s personal experiences and the themes explored in the story.

Contact with

  • Meaning: Having communication or interaction with someone or something.
  • Example: He lost contact with his childhood friend after they moved away.

Date with

  • Meaning: Going on a date or meeting with someone romantically.
  • Example: She has a date with her boyfriend on Friday night.

Dealings with

  • Meaning: Having business or professional interactions with someone or something.
  • Example: The company’s dealings with their suppliers were transparent and ethical.

Difficulty with

  • Meaning: Experiencing difficulty or challenges with something.
  • Example: He had difficulty with the math problem and asked the teacher for help.

Involvement with

  • Meaning: Being involved or connected with something or someone.
  • Example: Her involvement with the charity organization gave her a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Link with

  • Meaning: Having a connection or relationship with someone or something.
  • Example: The police established a link with the suspect through DNA evidence.

Meeting with

  • Meaning: Having a meeting or appointment with someone.
  • Example: The meeting with the client was productive and successful.

Quarrel with

  • Meaning: Having a disagreement or argument with someone.
  • Example: They had a quarrel with their neighbors over a parking spot.

Relationship with

  • Meaning: Having a personal or professional relationship with someone.
  • Example: His relationship with his parents improved after they had a heart-to-heart conversation.

Sympathy with

  • Meaning: Feeling compassion or understanding towards someone or something.
  • Example:  Her sympathy with the victims of the natural disaster led her to donate to relief efforts.

Practice and Exercises

Fill in the blank

  1. She had an ___________ her sister over who would get the last piece of cake. Answer:

Answer: Argument with

  1. He has a ___________ the environment and tries to reduce his carbon footprint.

Answer: Concern with

  1. She has a close ___________ her family and talks to them every day.

Answer: Connection with

  1. He lost ___________ his old friends after moving to a new city.

Answer: Contact with

  1. She has a ___________ with her boyfriend on Saturday night.

Answer: Date with

  1. He has had ___________ with difficult clients in his job.

Answer: Dealings with

  1. She’s having ___________ understanding the math problem.

Answer: Difficulty with

  1. He had no ___________ the crime and was released from custody.

Answer: Involvement with

  1. The police are investigating a possible ___________ the suspect and the victim.

Answer: Link with

  1. She has a ___________ her boss to discuss the new project.

Answer: Meeting with

  1. He had a ___________ his neighbor over the loud music.

Answer: Quarrel with

  1. She has a good ___________ her coworkers and enjoys working with them.

Answer: Relationship with

  1. He expressed his ___________ for his friend who had lost a family member.

Answer: Sympathy with

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