77 Common Noun and Noun Collocations in English (A-C)

Learn common Noun and Noun Collocations in English (From A to C).

Collocation Examples

Common Noun and Noun Collocations (A-C)

Abuse of power

  • It all had to do with an abuse of power and politics.

Account executive

  • She became an account executive and writer at a government agency.

Accounting firm

  • Many of the big accounting firms declined to comment for this article.

Accounting system

  • Options are only part of an accounting system in deep trouble.

Action movie

  • I love watching action movies.

Advertising agency

  • An advertising agency buys advertising time in 100 markets for an advertiser.

Air gun

  • Visitors can try their hands at shotguns, pistols, rifles and air guns.

Air raid

  • There was no immediate word on casualties from the air raid.

Altar boy

  • The boys were either altar boys or students at the parish’s school.

Antitrust case

  • In the antitrust case, Windows 98 was a central character.

Antitrust law

  • The judge has yet to assess whether the firm breached antitrust laws.

Arms buildup

  • The arms buildup will continue, reminding Taiwan of the heavy cost of independence.

Assault rifle

  • Soldiers with assault rifles were patrolling the main streets of town.

Auction house

  • The auction house is even getting dealers to help find them buyers.

Auto maker

  • Sales at some other large auto makers fell or were flat.

Auto manufacturer

  • They plan to ask auto manufacturers what they can do better.

Bank draft

  • He tries quietly to get the bank draft from her.

Bank rate

  • The bank rate is pegged to the upper end of that range.

Bars of soap

  • I’d like to buy two bars of soap please.

Beauty industry

  • Basim was exposed to the beauty industry through his family.

Beauty parlor

  • They have been to the beauty parlor and had their hair done.

Beauty salon

  • These shower caps are used in beauty salons all over the world.

Beauty shop

  • I often go to the beauty shop on the weekend.


  • Do you know any nice bed – and – breakfasts in the area.

Bench warrant

  • A bench warrant was issued for his arrest when he did not appear.

Bid price

  • Currently, only the best aggregate bid price and ask price are listed.

Birth certificate

  • He falsified his birth certificate to get a passport.

Block grant

  • He called for block grants of federal funds to local school districts.

Board game

  • We often play board games together.

Body armor

  • Roberts was left with the standard body armor, which offers less protection.

Body double

  • It started this process of her being my body double on some deep level.

Booby trap

  • Engineers are inspecting the find with caution in case of booby traps.

Boot camp

  • In boot camp they tear them down to build them back up.

Border security

  • One of our principles is border security.

Brand name

  • The product with the better-known brand name will always sell better.

Brokerage firm

  • The market is made by a small army of brokerage firms.

Budget cut

  • Tien has suffered budget cuts throughout his six-year tenure.

Budget deficit

  • You cannot cut a budget deficit simply by raising taxes.

Building code

  • Some building codes allow the discharge pipe to terminate in the garage.

Building permit

  • If a bird feeder is a structure, it requires a building permit.

Bull market

  • There was another reason for the bull market for the networks.

Bully pulpit

  • He would like to put the bully back in the bully pulpit.

Business activity

  • Let us not rely too much on loans to support business activities.

Business enterprise

  • This is typically done to solve some business enterprise requirement.

Business organization

  • He will work with Australian and Iraqi companies and with business organizations.

Business sector

  • All our political and business sectors have been called upon to change.

Cable car

  • It rained the whole time; we were sideswiped by a cable car.

Call center

  • Adam had a job at a call center during his college years.

Call option

  • Investors buy call options when they expect the underlying stock to rise.

Capital gain

  • The new tax law also includes a capital gains tax cut.

Car manufacturer

  • A foreign car manufacturer is expected to be among the sponsors.

Car park (U.K.)

  • I’m looking for a car park.

Case law

  • You just have to make up case law as you go along.

Case study

  • It turned out to be a case study in how to win.

Cash cow

  • The company now owns the ABC television network, a cash cow.

Catchment area

  • It allows us to study how dry the catchment areas can get.

Cattle drive

  • A real live cattle drive is making its way right down Main Street in Pleasanton.

Cause celebre

  • It was a cause celebre in liberal political and social circles.

Ceasefire agreement

  • The ceasefire agreement came into effect at 11am.

Charge card

  • They are accepted at all locations that accept the issuing charge cards.

Cheese cake

  • She really loves cheese cake.

Child care

  • Child care centers don’t necessarily hire the most qualified teachers.

Class action

  • We do not have a contract for fees for this class action.

Combat mission

  • They broke the rules and flew their 100th combat mission together over Vietnam.

Combat zone

  • For all, it is their first duty in a potential combat zone.

Comfort zone

  • We cannot afford to have anyone operating in a comfort zone.

Comfort food

  • The claim of comfort food is simply that it hits the spot.

Commodity brokerage

  • He also established a grain and commodity brokerage in 1980.

Communications technology

  • He was responding to the impact on architecture of modern communications technology.

Computer business

  • Personal computer businesses could have a slightly harder time of it.

Conviction politician

  • I admire the fact that she is a conviction politician.

Core values

  • Education has been a core value since the dawn of the nation.

Corporate finance

  • It was not an important corporate finance tool until the late 1980s.

Cottage industry

  • The mother was also drafted into this cottage industry as piano accompanist.

Credit bureau

  • We had to be able to pass an audit by credit bureaus.

Credit union

  • Her credit union does not levy a maintenance fee on her account.

Custody battle

  • I didn’t want to go through the custody battle.

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