25 Common Noun Collocations with For

Noun collocations with “for” are key parts of the English language. These are words that naturally go together, helping you speak more fluently. By learning these collocations, you can expand your vocabulary and become more comfortable in conversations. You will find common collocations such as “reason for,” “admiration for,” and “need for.” Understanding these pairs can improve your speaking and writing skills. This reference also offers examples and exercises to practice using these collocations correctly.

Noun Collocations with For

Noun Collocations with For
Noun Collocations with For – Created by 7ESL

List of Common Noun Collocations with For

  • A check for (amount of money)
  • Reason for
  • Admiration for
  • Advertisement for
  • Approval for
  • Arguments for
  • Bid for
  • Case for
  • Credit for
  • Cure for
  • Demand for
  • Desire for
  • Fondness for
  • Hatred for
  • Love for
  • Need for
  • Preference for
  • Recipe for
  • Reputation for
  • Respect for
  • Responsibility for
  • Room for
  • Search for
  • Talent for
  • Thirst for

Noun + For Collocations with Examples

A check for (amount of money)

  • Meaning: A monetary check or payment for a specific amount of money.
  • Example: She received a check for $100 from her grandmother for her birthday.

Reason for

  • Meaning: The cause or explanation for something.
  • Example: The reason for his absence from work was a family emergency.

Admiration for

  • Meaning: Feeling admiration or respect towards someone or something.
  • Example: She expressed her admiration for the artist’s work.

Advertisement for

  • Meaning: A promotion or advertisement for a product or service.
  • Example: The advertisement for the new product was displayed on billboards across the city.

Approval for

  • Meaning: Receiving approval or permission for something.
  • Example: He sought approval for his proposal from the board of directors.

Arguments for

  • Meaning: Providing reasons or arguments in favor of something.
  • Example: The arguments for the new policy were presented in a report.

Bid for

  • Meaning:  Making an offer or bid for something.
  • Example: The company submitted a bid for the contract to build the new bridge.

Case for

  • Meaning: Making a case or argument in favor of something.
  • Example: The case for the defendant was presented by their lawyer in court.

Credit for

  • Meaning: Receiving credit or recognition for something.
  • Example: He was given credit for his contribution to the project.

Cure for

  • Meaning:  A remedy or solution for a particular ailment or problem.
  • Example: There is no known cure for this type of snake bite.

Demand for

  • Meaning: The need or desire for a particular product or service.
  • Example: The demand for the new product was high among consumers.

Desire for

  • Meaning: Feeling a strong wish or longing for something.
  • Example: Her desire for adventure led her to travel to different countries.

Fondness for 

  • Meaning:  Having a liking or affection for someone or something.
  • Example: His fondness for music was evident in his collection of vinyl records.

Hatred for

  • Meaning:  Feeling intense dislike or hostility towards someone or something.
  • Example: Her hatred for injustice fueled her activism.

Love for

  • Meaning: Feeling strong affection or love towards someone or something.
  • Example:
  • His love for animals led him to volunteer at the animal shelter.

Need for

  • Meaning: Having a necessity or requirement for something.
  • Example: The need for more affordable housing was addressed in the city council meeting.

Preference for

  • Meaning: Having a preference or liking for something over another.
  • Example: Her preference for tea over coffee was well-known among her friends.

Recipe for

  • Meaning: A set of instructions or ingredients for making a particular dish or meal.
  • Example: The recipe for the famous chocolate cake was a family secret.

Reputation for

  • Meaning: Having a particular reputation or image for something.
  • Example: The reputation for quality and reliability earned the company many loyal customers.

Respect for

  • Meaning: Feeling admiration or respect towards someone or something.
  • Example: The respect for his authority was evident in the way his subordinates addressed him.

Responsibility for

  • Meaning: Being accountable or responsible for something.
  • Example: The responsibility for the safety of the passengers lay with the captain of the ship.

Room for

  • Meaning:  Having space or opportunity for something.
  • Example: The room for improvement in the company’s performance was identified in the audit report.

Search for

  • Meaning: Looking or searching for something.
  • Example: The search for the missing hiker continued for several days.

Talent for

  • Meaning: Having natural ability or skill in a particular area or field.
  • Example: His talent for painting was evident in his artwork.

Thirst for

  • Meaning: Feeling a strong desire or craving for something.
  • Example: Her thirst for knowledge led her to pursue higher education.

Noun Collocations with For | Practice and Exercises

Fill in the blank

  1. He has a ___________ solitude and enjoys spending time alone. Answer:

Answer: Need for

  1. She has a ___________ spicy food and always adds extra hot sauce.

Answer: Preference for

  1. He found a new ___________ chocolate chip cookies and can’t wait to try it.

Answer: Recipe for

  1. The company has a good ___________ quality products and is known for it.

Answer: Reputation for

  1. She has a lot of ___________ her boss and always listens to his advice.

Answer: Respect for

  1. He has taken on the ___________ of managing the project and making sure it’s completed on time.

Answer: Responsibility for

  1. The apartment has enough ___________ all of her furniture and belongings.

Answer: Room for

  1. He’s on a ___________ a new job and has been sending out resumes every day.

Answer: Search for

  1. She has a natural ___________ singing and has been performing since she was young.

Answer: Talent for

  1. He has a ___________ knowledge and always wants to learn more.

Answer: Thirst for