25 Noun + Preposition Combinations – the Preposition FOR

Learn frequently used Noun + Preposition Combinations – the preposition FOR

List of Noun Preposition Collocations – the Preposition FOR.

Collocation Examples

Common Noun Combinations with the Preposition FOR

A check for (amount of money)

  • Mark gave me a check for $100.

Reason for

  • I have no particular reason for doubting him.

Admiration for

  • I have nothing but admiration for the way he handled a very difficult situation.

  • I saw an advertisement for a teaching job in Thailand which looked interesting.

Approval for

  • She received approval for the proposal from the shareholders.

Arguments for

  • There are strong arguments for and against euthanasia.

Bid for

  • I bid £3 000 for the painting.

Case for

  • The report makes out a strong case for spending more money on hospitals.

Credit for

  • At least give her credit for trying.

Cure for

  • There is no known cure for this type of snake bite.

Demand for

  • The demand for this new generation of mobile phone cannot be satisfied.

Desire for

  • She felt a surge of love and desire for him.

Fondness for

  • I have a fondness for expensive chocolate.

Hatred for

  • He felt nothing but hatred for his attacker.

Love for

  • I couldn’t hide my love for her any longer.

Need for

  • There is a real need for discipline in this class.

Preference for

  • Many people expressed a strong preference for the original plan.

Recipe for

  • His plans are a recipe for disaster.

Reputation for

  • I’m aware of John’s reputation for being late.

Respect for

  • I have a deep respect for my grandmother.

Responsibility for

  • They have responsibility for ensuring that the rules are enforced.

Room for

  • Is there enough room for us in the car?

Search for

  • I did an Internet search for free music sites.

Talent for

  • His talent for singing was impressive.

Thirst for

  • The children in this deprived area show a real thirst for learning.

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25 Noun + Preposition Combinations - the Preposition FOR

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Noun Preposition Combinations - the Preposition FOR

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