Noun Suffix | List of Noun Suffixes with Easy Examples

In the English language, you can categorize suffixes by grammatical function to create smaller units of study. Adjective suffixes and noun suffixes are examples of these grammatical categories. Each group has the ability to transform the function of a word.

Noun Suffix

What Is A Noun Suffix?

A noun suffix is a set of suffixes that change a root word‘s grammatical case into a noun. In other words, a group of letters placed on the end of the root word converts verbs and adjectives into nouns. These noun suffixes add new meanings to the root word. Also, they create a new word.

An easy way to create a noun from a verb is to add the -er ending to the root word. For example, adding –er to verb protest creates the noun protester. Adding the -er shifts the meaning from action to someone performing an action. In other words, a protester is a person who protests. Most words with the -er ending will be nouns. Knowing this can help you identify nouns more quickly in sentences.

Noun Suffixes Examples

The examples below show how to use a noun suffix in a sentence.

  • The protester worked for hours generating flyers.
  • Her message got lost in translation.
  • His friendship with Ken melted away.
  • The gallery held 989 works of art.
  • The demonstration took several hours.

Noun Suffixes

There are many different noun suffixes to learn. Learning the typical noun suffixes will help you identify more nouns. Below find a list of noun suffixes to turn a verb or adjective into a noun.

List of Noun Suffixes

-tion (action)

-ity (state or condition)

  • stupidity
  • activity
  • nativity
  • reality

-er (someone or something participating in an action)

  • protester
  • runner
  • publisher
  • driver

-ness (state or condition)

  • kindness
  • gentleness
  • mindfulness
  • tenderness

-ism (practice or state)

  • multiculturalism
  • conservatism
  • idealism
  • tourism

-ment (action or instance)

  • punishment
  • employment
  • wonderment
  • development

-ship (state of being)

  • friendship
  • kinship
  • citizenship
  • internship

-age (action/ instance result of a verb)

  • damage
  • breakage
  • wastage
  • message

-ery (behavioral condition or location)

  • bravery
  • scenery
  • gallery
  • nursery

-th (a state or quality)

  • depth
  • warmth
  • strength
  • overgrowth

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