Nouns & Prepositions: 25 Common Collocations with TO 1

Nouns & Prepositions: 25 Common Collocations with TO

Learn frequently used Collocations with TO in English.

Collocation Examples

Common Noun Combinations with the Preposition TO

Access to

  • Students must have access to good resources.

Addiction to

  • Mark is now fighting his addiction to alcohol.

Allusion to

  • His statement was seen as an allusion to the recent drug-related killings.

An attitude to

  • Our attitude to your problems doesn’t help them get resolved.

An invitation to

  • I have an open invitation to visit my friend in Korea.

Approach to

  • The school has decided to adopt a different approach to discipline.

Change to

  • The director of studies must be informed of any changes to the timetable.

Concern to

  • She was concerned to write about situations that everybody could identify with.

Contribution to

  • I’d like to make a small contribution to the cost of the holiday.

Damage to

  • The flood caused damage to property estimated at $6 million.

Dedication to

  • I really admire Sarah for her dedication to her family.

Desire to

  • I have no desire to discuss the matter further.

Devotion to

  • Her devotion to her husband and family is touching.

Invitation to

  • The invitation to the reception at the embassy arrived the next day.

Newcomer to

  • I was a newcomer to windsurfing so I was very nervous.

Reaction to

  • His reaction to his behavior was quite funny.

Reason to

  • You have no reason to change the schedule like that.

Reference to

  • The book is full of references to growing up in India.

Relevance to

  • What he said has no direct relevance to the matter in hand.

Resistance to

  • There has been a lot of resistance to this new law.

Response to

  • We received an encouraging response to our advertisement.

Solution to

  • There is no solution to this problem.

Transition to

  • He will remain head of state during the period of transition to democracy.

Visit to

  • It’s my first visit to Tokyo.

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Nouns & Prepositions: 25 Common Collocations with TO

Collocation Examples For English Learners

List of 2500+ Common Collocations in English.

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