250+ Nouns that Start with R in English

What are nouns that start with R? A noun is an important part of speech for it forms the basic building blocks of a sentence. The absence of a noun will defy the purpose of communication because objects and subjects can not exist.

Nouns that Start with R

What Are Nouns that Start with R?

In simple terms, a noun is a naming word used to identify a person, animal, place, thing, emotion, and more. Here are the nouns that start with the eighteenth letter of the English alphabet, the letter R.

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Nouns that Start with R

Common Nouns That Start with R

Nouns Examples
Rabbit I saw a cute rabbit in the park this morning.
Race The marathon race begins at dawn.
Rack Can you hand me that tool from the top rack, please?
Radar The radar showed a massive storm approaching.
Radiator The car’s radiator was damaged in the accident.
Radio The radio is playing my favorite song right now.
Raft We built a raft to float down the river.
Rage His temper was so bad, he would often fly into a rage.
Railroad The railroad runs right through the center of town.
Rain The rain was coming down in sheets, making it difficult to see the road.
Rainbow A rainbow appeared in the sky after the rain stopped.
Raise The employees were thrilled to receive a raise after a year of hard work.
Rake I need to use the rake to clean up the yard before the party.
Rally The rally in support of equal rights drew thousands of participants from across the country.
Ram The farmer added a new ram to his flock of sheep.
Ramp The skateboarders were practicing on the ramp.
Ranch The cattle ranch covers thousands of acres.
Range The mountain range was covered in snow.
Rank She was promoted to the rank of captain.
Rap He’s a rapper and performs at clubs and festivals.
Rat A rat scurried across the kitchen floor.
Rate The interest rate on the loan was too high.
Ratio The ratio of students to teachers was 20:1.
Rattle The baby’s toy made a loud rattle.
Ray The sun’s rays shone through the window.
Razor He shaved his beard using a razor.
Reach The ball was just out of reach.
Reaction His reaction to the news was one of shock.
Readiness The army was in a state of readiness for any attack.
Reality The reality of the situation was harsh.
Realm She worked in the realm of finance.
Rebound The basketball bounced off the rim and into the player’s hands for a rebound.
Receipt Don’t forget to get a receipt for your purchase.
Receiver The receiver caught the football for a touchdown.
Reception The wedding reception was held at a fancy hotel.
Recipe Can you share your recipe for that delicious cake?
Recognition The actor received recognition for his outstanding performance.
Recoil The gun had a powerful recoil when fired.
Record The athlete broke the world record for the mile run.
Recovery The patient made a full recovery after surgery.
Recreation The park offers a variety of recreation opportunities.
Recruitment The recruitment team was impressed by the candidate’s qualifications and experience.
Recycling Recycling paper helps to save trees and reduce waste.
Red I like the color red.
Reduction The reduction in staff led to longer wait times for customers.
Referee The referee made a controversial call during the game.

Abstract Nouns That Start with R

Nouns Examples
Radiance The radiance of the sunset was breathtaking.
Rage Her rage was evident in the way she slammed the door.
Randomness The randomness of the selection process made it unfair.
Rapport The rapport between the two musicians was evident on stage.
Rationality His rationality helped him make clear decisions.
Reality The reality of the situation was difficult to accept.
Reassurance Her words of reassurance helped calm his nerves.
Receptivity The receptivity of the audience was amazing.
Reciprocity The reciprocity of the relationship was what made it work.
Recognition The recognition for her hard work was well-deserved.
Rectitude His rectitude in the face of temptation was admirable.
Redundancy The redundancy in her speech was annoying.
Reflection The reflection of the trees in the lake was stunning.
Refinement The refinement of her taste in art was evident in her collection.
Regard She held him in high regard for his generosity.
Regret The regret in his voice was palpable.
Rejoicing The rejoicing in the streets after the victory was infectious.
Relaxation The relaxation of a warm bath after a long day was heavenly.
Reliability The reliability of the car made it a good choice.
Relief The relief on her face after the exam was over was priceless.
Remembrance The remembrance of his father’s words guided him in life.
Renaissance The Renaissance period was a time of great cultural growth.
Renewal The renewal of their vows was a beautiful ceremony.
Repose The repose of the park was a welcome respite from the city noise.
Repression The repression of emotions can lead to negative consequences.
Reprieve The reprieve from the heat was a refreshing change.
Repudiation The repudiation of his ideas hurt his feelings.
Repulsion The repulsion towards spiders is a common phobia.
Reputation Her reputation as a hard worker preceded her.
Resilience The resilience of the community in the face of disaster was admirable.
Resistance The resistance of the material to wear and tear made it durable.
Resolution His resolution to finish the project on time was unwavering.
Resonance The resonance of the guitar filled the room.
Respect The respect he showed for his elders was admirable.
Responsiveness Her responsiveness to his needs made him feel appreciated.
Rest The rest he got after the long hike was much-needed.
Restraint His restraint in the face of provocation was impressive.
Retaliation The retaliation for the insult only made things worse.
Retreat The retreat to the mountains was a peaceful escape.
Revelation The revelation of the truth changed everything.
Reverence The reverence for nature was evident in his art.
Revival The revival of interest in classic literature was welcomed.
Revolution The revolution brought about many changes in society.
Reward The reward for his hard work was a promotion.
Rhythm The rhythm of the music made her want to dance.
Righteousness His righteousness in the face of corruption was inspiring.
Rigor The rigor of the scientific method ensured accuracy.
Risk The risk of failure was worth taking to achieve success.
Robustness The robustness of the system ensured its reliability.
Romance The romance of the city lights made for a perfect date.
Royalty The royalty of the king was evident in his regal demeanor.

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Positive Nouns That Start with R

Nouns Examples
Radiance The radiance of the sunrise was breathtaking.
Rainbow We were lucky enough to see a rainbow after the rain.
Rarity The collector’s item was a rarity and worth a fortune.
Rapture She felt a sense of rapture when she heard the good news.
Rationality The decision was made based on sound rationality.
Reassurance The doctor’s reassurance helped ease her anxiety.
Recognition He received recognition for his outstanding work.
Reciprocity There was a sense of reciprocity in their friendship.
Recovery She made a full recovery after the surgery.
Refinement The new design had a refinement that the old one lacked.
Refreshment The hotel provided complimentary refreshments to its guests in the form of coffee, tea, and snacks.
Regard She held him in high regard for his honesty.
Regeneration The forest has begun to show signs of regeneration.
Rejoicing There was much rejoicing when the team won the championship.
Relaxation The massage brought her a sense of relaxation and calm.
Reliability The car had a reputation for its reliability and durability.
Relief The medicine brought her relief from the pain.
Remembrance The memorial was built in remembrance of the fallen.
Renewal The new year brings a sense of renewal and fresh starts.
Resilience Her resilience in the face of adversity was inspiring.
Resolve She had the resolve to overcome any obstacle in her way.
Resourcefulness His resourcefulness in finding a solution was impressive.
Respect The teacher demanded respect from her students.
Restoration The restoration of the old building was a success.
Revelation The discovery of the lost treasure was a revelation.
Reverence The community held a sense of reverence for the historic monument.
Richness The richness of the flavors in the dish was impressive.
Righteousness He had a strong sense of righteousness and justice.
Robustness The system had a robustness that could handle high volumes of data.
Romance The romantic gesture brought tears to her eyes.
Rosiness The rosiness of her cheeks indicated good health.
Royalty The king and queen were the embodiment of royalty.

Proper Nouns That Start with R

  • Rachel
  • Robert
  • Ryan
  • Rebecca
  • Richard
  • Romeo
  • Rihanna
  • Roosevelt
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Rome
  • Russia
  • Riyadh
  • Regina
  • Reykjavik
  • Rajastan
  • Rey
  • River Thames
  • Red Sea
  • Rocky Mountains
  • Rwanda

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List of Nouns that Start with R

  • Racer
  • Raccoon
  • Rabid
  • Rabidity
  • Rabbitry
  • Raash
  • Rachialgia
  • Rabbinite
  • Rabbinate
  • Rabinet
  • Rabbi
  • Rab
  • Rabdology
  • Racemate
  • Racahout
  • Rabat
  • Rach
  • Rache
  • Race
  • Rabbinism
  • Rabbinic
  • Rabbler
  • Rabato
  • Racemation
  • Rabble
  • Rabdomancy
  • Racemule
  • Rabbiting
  • Rabblement
  • Rabot
  • Rabbinist
  • Rabbet
  • Rabies
  • Rabbin
  • Rabatine
  • Raceme
  • Rabbate
  • Rabidness
  • Ra
  • Rabbit
  • Realliance
  • Realm
  • Readeption
  • Readership
  • Realgar
  • Reabsorption
  • Reading
  • Reaggravation
  • Reaffirmance
  • Reaccess
  • Readvertency
  • Readjournment
  • Realization
  • Readjuster
  • Reafforestation
  • Reaffirmation
  • Reality
  • Reacher
  • Readmission
  • Read
  • Realism
  • Realizer
  • Reaction
  • Real
  • Realist
  • Reagent
  • Read-out
  • Realty
  • Ready
  • Reactionary
  • Readjustment
  • Readmittance
  • Reader
  • Reactionist
  • Realness
  • Readiness
  • Re
  • Reak
  • Readability
  • Reach
  • Rhabdopleura
  • Rhabdite
  • Rhapsodist
  • Rhapsody
  • Rhadamanthus
  • Rhatany
  • Rhachilla
  • Rheometry
  • Rhamadan
  • Rheochord
  • Rhea
  • Rhabdology
  • Rhabarbarine
  • Rheeboc
  • Rhabdosphere
  • Rhachialgia
  • Rhabdolith
  • Rheophore
  • Rheomotor
  • Rhamphorhynchus
  • Rheinberry
  • Rhabdom
  • Rhapsode
  • Rhabdomere
  • Rhamphotheca
  • Rhabarbarin
  • Rheoscope
  • Rhenish
  • Rheometer
  • Rhaphe
  • Rhein
  • Rhabdomancy
  • Rhematic
  • Rhachis
  • Rhapsodomancy
  • Rhaponticine
  • Rhatanhy
  • Rhachitis
  • Rhapsoder
  • Rhamnus
  • Ricebird
  • Ribbonwood
  • Ribaudy
  • Ribauld
  • Ricture
  • Riddance
  • Ribaldry
  • Ricinine
  • Richweed
  • Ribbon
  • Ribibe
  • Ribbonman
  • Richesse
  • Richness
  • Ribes
  • Ribaud
  • Ricinus
  • Ribible
  • Rickstand
  • Riban
  • Ribaudry
  • Rice
  • Rick
  • Rib
  • Riband
  • Ribbonism
  • Ribbing
  • Ricker
  • Ribwort
  • Ricin
  • Rictus
  • Rickrack
  • Ribband
  • Ridder
  • Ricinelaidin
  • Rial
  • Ricochet
  • Ricinolein
  • Rocambole
  • Robing
  • Robbin
  • Robe
  • Roaster
  • Rochelime
  • Roarer
  • Roam
  • Robertsman
  • Roadster
  • Roach
  • Robber
  • Roborant
  • Robinet
  • Road
  • Roccellin
  • Roche
  • Robinia
  • Roan
  • Roamer
  • Roband
  • Roadmaker
  • Roboration
  • Roasting
  • Robbery
  • Roc
  • Roast
  • Rob
  • Robin
  • Roar
  • Roadstead
  • Robert
  • Roadway
  • Roadbed
  • Robustness
  • Roadside
  • Rochelle
  • Roberdsman
  • Rochet
  • Roaring
  • Rubricity
  • Rubstone
  • Rubblework
  • Rubefaction
  • Rubiretin
  • Rubella
  • Rubification
  • Rubicon
  • Rubytail
  • Rub
  • Rubianic
  • Rubelle
  • Rubrician
  • Rubellite
  • Rubidine
  • Rubicundity
  • Rubricate
  • Rubber
  • Rubescence
  • Rubble
  • Ruble
  • Rubricist
  • Rubbidge
  • Rubin
  • Rubric
  • Rubythroat
  • Rubidium
  • Rubian
  • Ruby
  • Rubicelle
  • Rubbing
  • Rubeola
  • Rubiacin
  • Rubefacient
  • Rubbish
  • Rubus
  • Rubelet
  • Rubigo
  • Rubblestone
  • Rubbage
  • Rysh
  • Ryal
  • Rytina
  • Rye
  • Rysimeter
  • Ryth
  • Ryder
  • Rynd
  • Rys
  • Ryot

Nouns that Start with R with their Meanings

  • Rabbit – also called bunny, hare, or cottontail, it is a small long-eared mammal of the family Leporidae
  • Race – a contest or a running competition that determines a winner based on speed
  • Radio – a device that converts sound into electromagnetic waves to send, receive, or broadcast information
  • Rain – a downpour of water or other substance from the atmosphere
  • Rate – a proportion or a specific measure with respect to another
  • Rating – an assigned score or grade
  • Ratio – a portion related to a whole
  • Reaction – a specific response to a certain situation or event
  • Reader – it refers to a person who reads
  • Reality – the existence, actuality, or quality of being true
  • Reason – the cause or explanation for an action or event that occurs
  • Recipe – a recorded instruction to do or make something, especially food
  • Record – it refers to a permanent file of something
  • Recovery – the recuperation or return of something, especially health
  • Reference – a citation or mention of a source of information
  • Region – an area or division within a larger area
  • Registration – a certificate that attests to a specific enrollment or booking, especially in motor vehicles
  • Relationship – the way in which two people, things, or concepts are connected
  • Relief – a feeling of relaxation from any type of discomfort
  • Religion – a system of faith or worship that stems from the belief in a higher power
  • Replacement – the substitute that takes the place of another
  • Report – a verbal or written account based on collected information
  • Request – an appeal, plea, or petition
  • Research – the findings or analysis acquired from a systematic investigation
  • Resistance – one’s refusal over something
  • Resolution – a firm decision or determination do or not to do something
  • Resort – a popular destination for relaxation, recreation, or vacation
  • Resource – an asset necessary for the operation of something
  • Respect – a feeling of esteem or admiration for someone or something
  • Response – a verbal or written reaction to a specific stimulus
  • Responsibility – a duty or obligation toward someone or something
  • Rest – it refers to sleep or relaxation
  • Restaurant – a place of business where food and beverages are served
  • Result – the effect or outcome of an action
  • Revenue – the substantial income of a company or organization
  • Review – a formal examination, assessment, or evaluation of something
  • Right – something that is morally good, acceptable, or correct
  • Ring – it refers to a small circular band typically worn around the finger
  • Risk – the possible exposure to harm or danger
  • River – a stream of water that flows into another body of water
  • Road – a pathway that leads a person from one place to another
  • Rock – a solid mass that forms part of the earth’s surface
  • Role – an actor’s part in a movie or play
  • Room – a space in a house or building enclosed with several walls
  • Root – the part of a plant that is attached to the ground
  • Round – a circular object or substance
  • Route – a course that gets one from a starting point to a destination
  • Row – a number of people or things arranged in a line
  • Rule – a set of regulations or principles that governs an area or place

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Nouns that Start with R

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