197 Examples of Nouns that Start with X in English

What are nouns that start with X? The alphabet X contributes a mere 400 words to the English dictionary, a mere 0.16% of all words in the language. Among these are approximately 200 nouns that start with “X”. One of the reasons for the occasional use of this alphabet in English is the fact that it was borrowed from Saxon, and even in Saxon, it wasn’t really common.

Given their rarity, when playing a game like Wordle, or Scrabble, words that start with “X” can get you 8 points for the first alphabet itself. So continue reading to know more about these words and their meaning.

Nouns that Start with X

What Are Nouns that Start with X?

In the past, the letter was frequently used in words of Greek origin, particularly those that started with a sound similar to that made by “Z”. Eventually, it was also used to represent the hard “Ch” as in “Christ” and that’s how we arrived at “X-mas”.

As far as recent usage goes, you will find a lot of words linked to the world of art, science, and medicine that start with “X”. Then, there are the new age additions to the dictionary, like “X-factor” and “X-section”.

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Common Nouns That Start with X

Nouns Examples
Xylophone I heard the sound of a xylophone coming from the music room.
X-ray The doctor ordered an X-ray to get a better look at my broken arm.
Xanthan gum Xanthan gum is a thickening agent used in many food products.
Xenophobia Xenophobia is a fear or hatred of foreigners or people from different cultures.
Xylograph The artist created a beautiful xylograph by carving an image into a piece of wood.
Xeriscape Xeriscape is a landscaping technique that uses plants that require little water to conserve resources.

Abstract Nouns That Start with X

Abstract Noun Examples
Xenophobia His xenophobia prevents him from accepting people from different cultures.
Xerophthalmia Xerophthalmia is a condition caused by a deficiency of vitamin A.
Xerography Xerography is a printing process that uses electrostatic charges to reproduce an image.
Xylophone She played a beautiful melody on the xylophone during the concert.

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Positive Nouns That Start with X

Nouns Examples
Xenia The town’s hospitality and xenia were impressive.
Xylophone The musician played the xylophone beautifully.
Xanadu The resort was like a Xanadu for relaxation and fun.
X-factor His talent was the X-factor that got him the job.
X-ray The doctor ordered an X-ray to check for any fractures.

Proper Nouns That Start with X

  • Xavier
  • Xander
  • Ximena
  • Xochimilco
  • Xuzhou

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List of Nouns that Start with X

  • Xanadu
  • Xanthamide
  • Xanthan
  • Xanthate
  • Xanthein
  • Xanthelasma
  • Xanthemia
  • Xanthene
  • Xanthenes
  • Xanthian
  • Xanthic
  • Xanthide
  • Xanthidium
  • Xanthin
  • Xanthine
  • Xanthines
  • Xanthinine
  • Xanthins
  • Xanthinuria
  • Xanthippe
  • Xanthism
  • Xanthium
  • Xanthochroid
  • Xanthochroism
  • Xanthochromia
  • Xanthoderma
  • Xanthogen
  • Xanthogenate
  • Xanthogranuloma
  • Xanthoma
  • Xanthomatosis
  • Xanthophane
  • Xanthophore
  • Xanthophyl
  • Xanthophyll
  • Xanthoprotein
  • Xanthopsia
  • Xanthopuccine
  • Xanthorhamnin
  • Xanthorhiza
  • Xanthorhoea
  • Xanthose
  • Xanthosine
  • Xanthosis
  • Xanthous
  • Xanthoxylene
  • Xanthoxylum
  • Xanthuria
  • Xebec
  • Xebecs
  • Xeme
  • Xenagogue
  • Xenagogy
  • Xenelasia
  • Xenia
  • Xenium
  • Xenobiosis
  • Xenobiotic
  • Xenoblast
  • Xenocryst
  • Xenocrysts
  • Xenodiagnosis
  • Xenodochium
  • Xenodochy
  • Xenogamy
  • Xenogenesis
  • Xenogenic
  • Xenogeny
  • Xenoglossia
  • Xenoglossy
  • Xenograft
  • Xenolith
  • Xenoliths
  • Xenologist
  • Xenology
  • Xenomania
  • Xenomorph
  • Xenomorphs
  • Xenon
  • Xenons
  • Xenoparasite
  • Xenophile
  • Xenophiles
  • Xenophilia
  • Xenophobe
  • Xenophobes
  • Xenophobia
  • Xenophobiac
  • Xenophobian
  • Xenophobias
  • Xenophobic
  • Xenophoby
  • Xenophon
  • Xenophthalmia
  • Xenopus
  • Xenotime
  • Xenotransplant
  • Xenotransplantation
  • Xenotransplants
  • Xenurine
  • Xenyl
  • Xerarch
  • Xeriscape
  • Xerograph
  • Xerographer
  • Xerographers
  • Xerography
  • Xeromorph
  • Xeromorphs
  • Xeromorphy
  • Xerophagia
  • Xerophagy
  • Xerophilous
  • Xerophthalmia
  • Xerophthalmias
  • Xerophyte
  • Xerophytes
  • Xerophytic
  • Xeroses
  • Xerosis
  • Xerothermic
  • Xerox
  • Xhosa
  • Xi
  • Xian
  • Xianity
  • X-inactivation
  • Xing
  • Xiphias
  • Xiphidium
  • Xiphiplastron
  • Xiphisternum
  • Xiphius
  • Xiphodon
  • Xiphoid
  • Xiphoiditis
  • Xiphosuran
  • X-irradiation
  • Xray
  • X-ray
  • Xu
  • Xylamide
  • Xylan
  • Xylanthrax
  • Xylate
  • Xylem
  • Xylems
  • Xylene
  • Xylenol
  • Xylidine
  • Xylidines
  • Xylidins
  • Xylindein
  • Xylite
  • Xylitol
  • Xylitone
  • Xylo
  • Xylobalsamum
  • Xylocaine
  • Xylocarp
  • Xylocopa
  • Xylogen
  • Xyloglucan
  • Xylograph
  • Xylographer
  • Xylographers
  • Xylographies
  • Xylographs
  • Xylography
  • Xyloidin
  • Xylol
  • Xylonite
  • Xylophaga
  • Xylophagan
  • Xylophagous
  • Xylophilan
  • Xylophone
  • Xylophones
  • Xylophonist
  • Xylophonists
  • Xylopolist
  • Xylopyrography
  • Xyloquinone
  • Xylorcin
  • Xylorimba
  • Xylorimbas
  • Xylose
  • Xylosma
  • Xylostein
  • Xylotile
  • Xylotomy
  • Xylotrya
  • Xylulose
  • Xylyl
  • Xyrid
  • Xyster
  • Xystus

Common Nouns that Start with X with Meanings

  • Xanadu: A luxurious place.
  • Xanthene: A white crystalline compound.
  • Xanthippe: A woman with an ill temper.
  • Xanthophyll: Yellow to orange pigment derived from carotene.
  • Xanthous: Marked by yellow color or red/brown hair.
  • Xebec: A 3- masted sailing ship.
  • Xenium: A present given to a guest or stranger (among the ancient Greeks and Romans).
  • Xenobiotic: A chemical compound (a drug or pesticide).
  • Xenograft: A tissue graft taken from one species and grafted into another species.
  • Xenolith: A rock fragment of one type included in a rock of a different type.
  • Xenomorph: A fictitious alien species.
  • Xenon: An inert gas.
  • Xenophile: A person attracted to foreign things.
  • Xenophobe: A person fearful of foreign things and people of foreign origin.
  • Xenotransplant: An organ or tissue transplant between different species.
  • Xeriscape: A landscaping method for arid climates.
  • Xerograph: A dry photocopying technique.
  • Xeromorph: A type of plant.
  • Xerophagia: A strict Christian fast.
  • Xerophyte: A plant type that grows with limited water supply.
  • Xeroses: An abnormal dryness of body tissue/part.
  • Xhosa: A particular member of people who speak Bantu.
  • Xi: Greek alphabet.
  • Xray: An image obtained by using X-rays.
  • Xu: A coin minted in South Vietnam.
  • Xylem: A complex tissue of higher plants.
  • Xylene: A flammable substance obtained from petroleum.
  • Xylitol: A crystalline alcohol obtained from birch bark.
  • Xylograph: Engravings on wood made for the purpose of printing.
  • Xylophone; A musical instrument (percussion).
  • Xylorimba: A musical instrument.
  • Xylose: A type of crystalline sugar.

Concluding with an interesting fact about nouns that start with X

Till 1647, the alphabet “X” went about its life as just one of the 26 letters of the English Language. Then, a mathematician, René Descartes, catapulted it to fame by including it in the group of 3 alphabets used to denote unknown variables- “X”, “Y” and “Z”. The fact that the mathematician added it to his equation of a line further increased its popularity, and led us to the noun- X-axis.

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