“O7” Meaning, and How Do You Use this Term Properly?

What does the slang o7 mean? Before the invention of smartphones, we had to use letters, numbers, and punctuations to make up our emojis, like 🙂 or ;).  You often see users using emoticons in online web forums and video games. It’s easier to use shorthand when trying to type using a video game controller. Trust me on that.

“O7” Meaning

What Does “o7” Mean?

“O7” is an emoticon that means to salute a person.

You might also see it written as 07 or O7. It’s frequently used in simulation video games like Elite Dangerous or EVE online. Another way it’s written is 07/O>/o7/o>.

Similar Slang for o7

o7 is often accompanied by other emoticons or acronyms. For instance, o7 m8 means salute mate. 

Other meanings

O7 might also refer to the pay grade of a person in the US uniformed services such as a Brigadier General in the Air Force, Marine Corps, or Army. Or a rear admiral in the Coast Guard, Navy, Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, and NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps. There is also a subclass of stars called O-type stars that are referred to as O7.  

Conversation example using o7

  • Fred: It’s time to take the ship. You go high. I’ll hit low
  • Joe: roger that. o7 CMDR

*CMDR = Commander


In this example, Fred and Joe are playing a game and they’re discussing their attack strategy. Fred, who’s clearly in charge, gives the orders and Joe offers a salute and confirmation that he understands his mission.

What Does “O7” Mean? | Infographic