OAN Meaning: What Does OAN Mean? Useful Text Conversations

What does OAN mean? This article provides the definition and usage of this texting abbreviation with ESL infographic and interesting conversation examples in English.

OAN Meaning

What Does OAN Mean?

“OAN” stands for “on another note”.

This is a way to change the topic of a conversation. Perhaps because the current topic is uncomfortable, or it just burnt out. Or maybe because you just suddenly remembered something and you need to bring it up before you forget again.

  • OAN” = “O” (On) + “A” (Another) + “N” (Note)

Similar Internet Slang

  • OTOH” = “O” (On) + “T” (The) + “O” (Other) + “H” (Hand)
  • BTW” = “B” (By) + “T” (The) + “W” (Way)
  • TRM” = “T” (That) + “R” (Reminds) + “M” (Me)

Other Meanings

“Oan” can have other meanings, depending on your location. It can also mean dude, friend, bloke, or another guy if there are two of them. And in Scotland, this is an appropriate way to say the English word “on”. It refers to what you’re doing, or where an object or person is situated. For example, “The kids are “oan” their way to school, “oan” the bus.

  • Open All Night
  • Owner Applied Number
  • Ohio Afterschool Network
  • Open Architecture Network
  • Outdoor Adventure Network
  • Aids to Navigation Division (US Navy)
  • Optical Access Network
  • Open Access Network
  • Oregon Association of Nurserymen
  • Open Austrian Network

Conversation Example

Example using “oan” as “on another note”

  • Speaker 1: omg I love this song.
  • Speaker 2: Yeah, it’s great. Oan you finish hw yet?
  • Speaker 1: nope. U?
  • Speaker 2: fml. Trying to but I don’t get it.
  • Speaker 1: yeah, me either. Let’s ask Jan. She’ll give us the answers.
  • Speaker 2: hell yeah

*”OMG” = “O” (Oh) + “M” (My) + “G” (God) or “G” (Gosh)

*”HW” = “H” (Home) + “W” (Work)

*”FML” = “F” (F***) + “M” (My) + “L” (life)

OAN Meaning Infographic


Last Updated on March 20, 2020

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