50 Interesting Ways to Say “Oh My God!” in English

“Oh my god!” is one of those phrases that we hear countless times in an average week. It sounds so simple, but what other ways can you say it? These alternatives will be perfect for when you need to sound more formal or have a “less-religious” sentiment.

Oh My God!

When Do We Say “Oh My God”?

We say “oh my god” when we are extremely surprised, shocked or surprised at something shocking.

Example: “Oh my god! I just tripped on the stairs!” or “Oh, my god! We all fell down the slide!

List of Ways to Say “Oh My God”

  • Ay Caramba!
  • Oh Good Lord!
  • Whoa!
  • Cor Blimey!
  • Holy Christ!
  • Oh Gosh!
  • Oh My Golly Gosh!
  • Oh God!
  • Oh For Crying Out Loud!
  • Holy Crap!
  • Holy Moly!
  • Oh Dear!
  • Oh Crikey!
  • For Goodness Sake!
  • Golly Gosh!
  • Oh My Word!
  • Oh Golly!
  • Gooness Gracious Me!
  • Aw Shucks!
  • Dear God!
  • Oh Bother!
  • Oh Cripes!
  • Oh My Stars!
  • Oh My Life!
  • Oh My Days!
  • For Heaven’s Sake!
  • Oh Jesus!
  • Blimey!
  • Ah, Bejeezus!
  • Holy Cow!
  • For the Love of God!
  • God Almighty!
  • Oh No!
  • Gosh Almighty!
  • Good Grief!
  • Oh Sugar!
  • Oh My Buddha!
  • Deary Me!
  • Well I Never!
  • Oh Deary Me!
  • Good Lord!

How to Say “Oh My God ” in English

The phrase is said with a raised voice and in a very surprised state of mind. “Oh my god” is sometimes shortened to “Omigod!”

Formal Ways to Say “Oh My God”

These phrases are good for formal documents, letters, or writing that you don’t want to sound as informal or conversational.

1. Oh My Goodness

This phrase is not really a variation of “Oh My God.” It is simply a replacement when you don’t want to include the name of the Deity in the conversation. It can also be used as a sign that you’re taken aback by something. For example, if someone falls, they will say “oh my goodness!” and then get back up.

2. Gosh

You can use this word similar to “gosh” when you’re a little shocked or surprised at something. It’s similar to the previous phrase in that it’s an older and a bit less commonly used word than the other two. It could be used in an everyday situation like, “Oh my gosh! I just spilled coffee all over myself.” or in a more formal setting, “Oh my gosh! You’re so beautiful! I’ve never been able to get my eyes off you before.”

Informal Ways to Say ” Oh My God “

1. Gosh Darnit

This phrase is another variation of “Oh My Goodness.” It’s slightly more common but still a bit old-fashioned. You can also use it to say you’re a little surprised or shocked. For example: “What? You’re leaving already? Gosh darnit!”

2. Oh My

This is similar to the previous phrase except that it’s a lot less formal compared to the other two. You can use this phrase in a casual or informal setting if you want to sound human and a bit whimsical when you say, “Oh my goodness! I just spilled coffee all over myself.” or, “Oh my I forgot to text her what time we should meet! I’m freaking out.”

3. Omg

This is another pretty common one, and it is completely informal. You can say this one in everyday situations or when you are writing to a friend. It’s pretty short and sounds good in any situation.

Slang (or Idiom) to Say “Oh My God”

1. Gack

This one is a word that isn’t familiar to most people, but it is used quite often as an alternative to ” oh my god .” It’s something like the word “gargle,” but it’s mainly used in the medical field. It has its origins in the Greek language where it means “to cough violently” or “to choke.” You can use this one if you want to sound more angry or bitter about something.

2. Gah

This is another word that is a bit of a slang. It is basically the same as “gack” except it sounds like people say “gas,” which they might be saying in a harsher tone. If you use this one, you can assume that this person’s attitude is more harsh or bitter. For example: “Ahh! I hate when I have to do homework! Gah!”


There you have it! other ways to say “oh my god” if you’re a little formal or want to use a phrase that isn’t as casual. You can use them all together if you want, too.

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