On A Roll: What Does this Idiom Mean?

The idiomatic phrase “on a roll” is a phrase that you may encounter frequently in everyday informal conversation and writing. Here you will find the meaning of this phrase and the information regarding its origin. You will also find some examples of how to properly use this phrase in conversations/statements and you will discover other ways to say this phrase while still conveying the same meaning.

On A Roll

On A Roll Meaning

The idiomatic phrase “on a roll” means that a person is having great success in their pursuits and that this success is likely to keep occurring in the future.

Origin of this idiomatic expression

The origin of the idiom “on a roll” can be traced back to the 12th century. At this time, the word “rolling” was defined as something that was moving forward and would keep moving forward as long as an obstacle was not put in the object’s way. Sometime during the 19th century, the phrase “on a roll” was associated with the meaning of rolling and was used when people were shooting craps, the casino dice game. It was used to say that people were on a winning streak and couldn’t be stopped. It has been used in this metaphorical sense since to apply to other situations.

“On A Roll” Examples

Example Statements

A statement made by a high school football team captain after winning the game.

  • “This is our fifth win in a row! We are on a roll! If we keep this up we are sure to make it to the state championship game!”

A statement made by a celebrity during an interview with a well-known entertainment magazine.

  • “When my career first began, I was on a roll. I didn’t even have enough time in a week to read all the scripts that were sent to me. The interest has dissipated some, but I stay very busy still today.”

Example Conversations

A conversation between a mother and her son.

  • Mother: What are your plans this afternoon?
  • Son: I need to cut the grass and take out of the trash. Then I am going to the gym and work out a bit and hit the track after for a run.
  • Mother: Well, don’t overdo it okay?
  • Son: Mom, I am on a roll. The coach says I have to stay conditioned to maintain myself and keep me healthy and strong.
  • Mother: I know, son. I am just saying that’s not what life is all about. Leave some time for fun things also.

A conversation between a husband and wife.

  • Wife: How was your day today?
  • Husband: It was great! I clocked in and then the boss came up to me and asked if I was interested in training for a new position. I did so well with it that he promoted me and the promotion came with a bit of a raise too!
  • Wife: Wow! That is awesome hon. You are really on a roll! I am so happy for you!

Other Ways to Say “On A Roll”

Like all idiomatic phrases, there are many alternative ways to say the phrase “on a roll” and still convey the same meaning. Other ways you can say this phrase include:

  • Blessed
  • On the road to success
  • Experiencing good fortune

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On A Roll