On the Nose: What does “On the Nose” Mean? with Useful Conversations

What does the idiomatic expression “On The Nose” Mean? Idioms are figurative words that are put together to convey a thought or feeling. They are words used to create a picture in the mind meant to convey literal words in a informal way. Idioms have been used in every day conversation for hundreds of years. “On the nose” is a popular idiom that is used today. Here you will find the meaning of this phrase, the story of its origin, how to use the phrase properly in conversations/statements and other ways to say the same thing in the literal sense.

On The Nose

On The Nose Meaning

The meaning of the phrase in the idiomatic sense has two different definitions. Depending on how it is used in context, the phrase can mean exact or precise. It can also be used to describe something that required little imagination or thought process.

Origin of this idiomatic expression

There are two possible origins of this phrase. One possible origin is the sport of boxing where it was considered ideal for opponents to aim for the nose as a target to focus on to deliver their blows. The second possible origin comes from the industry of radio broadcasting where it is said that on-air broadcasters would point to their nose to indicate to others in the booth that the show was running right on time.

“On The Nose” Examples

Examples in Statements

A news reporter reporting on a local story.

  • “The neighbors hit it right on the nose when they predicted the old pipes would burst if they weren’t replaced and now we are standing in flooded streets.”

A wide receiver discussing the impressive throw the quarterback just made.

  • “His throws are always right on the nose.”

Examples in Conversation

A teacher talking to a student.

  • Teacher: You were almost late today.
  • Student: I know! I arrived right on the nose!

A son talking to his father.

  • Son: So, dad, did you like your Father’s Day present?
  • Father: Are you kidding?! I don’t know how you knew I wanted this very thing, but you hit it right on the nose!

Other Ways to Say “On The Nose”

Like most idioms, there are literal ways to convey the same meaning of this figurative speech. Some other ways you can outright say “on the nose” include he/she was on target, he/she was on point, he/she was very accurate and he/she was very punctual.

List of “On The Nose” synonyms:

  • Precisely
  • Exact
  • On the button
  • Accurate
  • Correct
  • On target
  • Right

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