OOT Meaning: What Does OOT Mean? with Interesting Conversations

The acronym “oot” is a popularly used phrase in all means of electronic communication. In the information below, you will find the commonly accepted meaning of this acronym and other possible meanings it may have if any. You will also find information about the origin of this acronym, examples of how to use it properly in text messages or online chatting, and alternative ways you can say the acronym to convey the same meaning.

OOT Meaning

What Does OOT Mean?

The most commonly accepted meaning of the acronym “oot” or “OOT” means the phrase “out of town.”

Origin of OOT

The phrase “out of two” originated in 1944 because of a play that was produced in that same year. The phrase gained further popularity after a feature film was released based on the same play in 1949. Since this time, this phrase has been used in everyday conversation and speech to mean that someone is leaving town on vacation or for some other type of reason. With the popularity of text messaging and online chatting, many phrases that have been used for years were shortened to acronyms to save time typing messages out.

Other Meanings

There are many other possible meanings of this acronym. The official meaning of the word, not the acronym, according to the Miriam Webster Dictionary is the Scottish variant of saying the word “out.” The Urban Dictionary shows several other meanings of this term as an acronym and as a stand-alone word. As a word, it can mean a way to describe someone or something in a negative way or as an exclamation when recalling an awful experience. As an acronym, contributing users say it can also mean Ocriana of Time, referring to the Legend of Zelda game.

Example Conversations

A text exchange between two friends.

  • Friend 1: Hey, do you think you could look after Benji for me this weekend?
  • Friend 2: Sure, where are you going?
  • Friend 1: Brian wants to go oot this weekend and he has asked me to go with him.
  • Friend 2: Aww! That’s sweet! I will watch him for you.

An online chat exchange between two game players.

  • Player 1: Maybe this weekend we can get some more of the guild to log on and get this mission completed.
  • Player 2: That doesn’t work for me though.
  • Player 1: Why is that?
  • Player 2: I am going oot this weekend for my sister’s wedding. I won’t be back until late Sunday night.
  • Player 1: Oh, well we can wait until next weekend. Have fun at the wedding!

Other Ways to Say “OOT”

There are many alternatives ways to say “oot” and still convey the same message. Some of these alternatives include:

  • spell it out; out of town
  • going away
  • taking a trip

OOT Meaning Infographic

OOT Meaning: What Does OOT Mean? with Interesting ConversationsPin

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