OOTD Meaning: What Does OOTD Mean and Stand for?

Last Updated on May 9, 2023

The slang acronym “OOTD” is one you may see used frequently if you spend a great deal of time on sites where people post a lot of pictures. If you have come across this acronym and were wondering what it could possibly represent, then you have come to the right spot.

Social media enthusiasts share OOTD posts using the hashtag “#ootd” to showcase their stylish ensembles and provide inspiration to others. This trend originated with fashion bloggers and influencers who documented their daily outfits, which eventually resonated with a wider audience. Nowadays, OOTD has evolved and taken various forms, such as the “Get Ready with Me” (GRWM) videos on TikTok, where users demonstrate how they put together an outfit and explain the reasoning behind their choices.

OOTD Meaning

What Does OOTD Stand For?

This slang acronym is used most commonly online and in text messaging to represent the phrase “outfit of the day.” It is typically used by fashion bloggers to show their followers the clothes that they have chosen to wear for the day including accessories and makeup.

It is an acronym commonly used on social media platforms like Instagram, accompanied by a hashtag (#ootd). The term represents a showcase of someone’s style or fashion choice for a specific day.

Origin and Context of OOTD

Although there are no specific details regarding when this acronym was first used to represent the phrase above, it can be said that it has been used since at least 2010. It can also be said that it is used on all different social media platforms including Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Tumblr but there are no indications concerning what social media site or blog used the term first.

The concept of OOTD emerged in the context of fashion blogging and online discussions about personal style. It gained popularity on various social media platforms, primarily Instagram, as users began sharing photos of their daily outfits accompanied by the hashtag #ootd. This trend allowed fashion enthusiasts to document their wardrobe choices and inspire others with their creative styling.

Related Terms to OOTD

  • WIWT: “What I Wore Today” is another acronym used similarly to OOTD in the fashion community. Users share their outfits or style choices using the hashtag #wiwt.
  • Outfits of the week: This term is used when users share their outfit selections for an entire week, often as a compilation or series of images. The hashtag #outfitsoftheweek or #ootw can be used in this context.
  • OOTN: Outfit of the Night
  • MUOTD: Makeup of the Day
  • NOTD: Nails of the Day

These acronyms follow a similar pattern, highlighting specific aspects of an individual’s look, such as nighttime outfits, makeup, or nail art. Although not as common as OOTD, they are still used by those looking to share their creativity and personal style with a wider audience.

When to Use OOTD

OOTD is most relevant in situations where individuals want to showcase their unique style and fashion choices. Here are a few examples of when to use the term OOTD:

  • Sharing a photo of a particularly stylish outfit on Instagram, with the hashtag #ootd
  • Discussing wardrobe choices for a specific occasion, e.g., a wedding or a party
  • Presenting a particular fashion trend or item as part of one’s daily style

In summary, OOTD is an acronym for “outfit of the day,” which has become popular on social media platforms for expressing personal style and fashion choices. It is often used with other related terms such as WIWT and outfits of the week to showcase different aspects of fashion and personal wardrobe selections.

More About OOTD Terminology

OOTD Synonyms

There is a plethora of fashion-related terminology and slang on the internet, some of which can be used interchangeably with OOTD. One such synonym is WIWT, which stands for “What I Wore Today.” Both OOTD and WIWT are used to showcase one’s outfit, with a focus on style and fashion. They are often seen accompanied by hashtags on social media platforms, particularly Instagram and TikTok.

Some other things you could say instead include:

  • Outfit of the day
  • Look of the day
  • Style of the day
  • Fashion of the day
  • Daily outfit
  • Daily look
  • Daily style
  • Today’s outfit
  • Today’s look
  • Today’s style
  • Wardrobe of the day
  • Ensemble of the day
  • Attire of the day
  • Clothes of the day
  • Dress of the day.

Other Meanings of OOTD

Like almost all acronyms, this form of slang can also represent many other phrases, official titles, and other things that are more specific in nature. Some other thing that this acronym is used to represent are “One of These Days,” a song by Pink Floyd, “Out of the Darkness,” “Order of the Dragon,” a guild on World of Warcraft, “Out of the Dust,” “Offer of the Day,” “Out of the Dryer,” and “Order of the Dragonrider,” a guild name on Ag of Conan.

  • Offer of the Day: This meaning typically pertains to deals and promotions, particularly in online shopping or e-commerce contexts.
  • Opinion of the Day: Though less commonly used, this OOTD interpretation reflects the sharing of a person’s viewpoint or sentiment on a specific subject.
  • Out of the Dryer: While uncommon, this meaning can refer to clothes that have just been washed and dried, typically indicating their freshness or cleanliness.

It’s important to note that, in most cases, OOTD is used to describe one’s daily outfit. However, features like context and accompanying information can help users better understand the intended meaning when alternative interpretations arise.

One should also be aware of National OOTD Day, celebrated annually on June 30th. This day encourages self-expression and creativity through fashion, encouraging individuals to share their OOTD on social media and with friends.

OOTD Examples


When discussing fashion or clothing choices, people might mention their OOTD. For instance, in a conversation, one might say, “I love your OOTD, where did you get that shirt?”

An online discussion between a blogger and one of their followers.

  • Blogger: This is the third day that I have allowed my five-year-old to pick my OOTD and I think she did pretty good.
  • Follower: Considering the last two outfits, I would have to say that today she at least picked things that matched pretty well.
  • Blogger: LOL! Yes, compared to the clown shoes she had me wearing the other day, this is definitely a step up!


In text messages, someone might share their OOTD with others by sending a photo and adding “OOTD” to describe the photo. This might occur in a group chat or private conversation, typically between friends or family members.

A conversation between two friends via text message.

  • Friend 1: (sends a selfie) This is my OOTD! What do you think?
  • Friend 2: I like it! Is it new?
  • Friend 1: Yeah! I just picked it up when I went shopping with my mom at the mall last night.
  • Friend 2: It really looks good on you.

Social Posts

On social media platforms like Instagram or Snapchat, users often share a photo of their outfit with the hashtag #OOTD. They might caption the image with a brief description of the clothes or use relevant emojis to convey their mood.

OOTD in the Fashion Industry

In the fashion industry, the term OOTD is often used to share fashionable outfit inspirations or promote new clothing items worn by models or influencers. It can also highlight a particular trend or piece from a designer’s collection.

OOTD on Social Media Platforms

Different social media platforms have adapted the OOTD concept to fit their formats. For example, on TikTok, users create short videos featuring their OOTD, often including a narration to explain the thought process behind their outfit choices.

OOTD and Fashion Brands

Fashion brands often encourage the use of OOTD by hosting contests or giveaways where participants share their outfits using the brand’s clothing and the hashtag #OOTD. This helps promote the brand’s products and create user-generated content for the brand’s social channels.

OOTD on Social Networks

OOTD photos and posts are commonly found across various social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Users share their outfits along with context or advice on how to achieve the look, attracting likes, comments, and shares from their network.

OOTD Meaning Infographic

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FAQs Related to OOTD

What does OOTD mean?

OOTD stands for “Outfit of the Day.” It’s an acronym commonly used on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to showcase someone’s outfit on a particular day. Fashion influencers and bloggers often use the hashtag #ootd to share their stylish outfits with their followers.

How is OOTW related to OOTD?

OOTW means “Outfit of the Week” and is similar to OOTD. However, it is used when someone showcases a unique or fashionable outfit they wore during the week. This hashtag is less common but falls under the same concept as OOTD.

What is the relationship between OOTD and influencers?

Fashion influencers regularly post OOTD content to showcase their outfits and inspire their followers with new trends and styles. Posting OOTD photos can increase an influencer’s popularity and reach, as followers often find inspiration from their style choices.

How do followers engage with OOTD posts?

Followers typically interact with OOTD posts by liking, commenting, and sharing the content. They often provide opinions or ask for advice on styling, making OOTD an influential trend in the fashion community.

What is the role of selfies in OOTD?

Selfies play a significant role in OOTD posts, as they allow the person to capture their outfit from up-close or interesting angles. This often provides a more genuine and casual portrayal of the outfit, making it more relatable for followers.

Is there a specific style associated with OOTD posts?

OOTD posts can showcase a variety of styles ranging from casual to formal, sports attire to high fashion. The versatility and comprehensiveness of OOTD content make it appealing to a diverse audience.

What’s the significance of the influencer “He Spoke Style” in the context of OOTD?

“He Spoke Style” is a popular fashion influencer known for sharing OOTD posts that incorporate a mix of classic and contemporary menswear styles. His content influences followers and sets trends in the fashion world.

Are OOTD posts based solely on personal opinion?

While personal taste and opinion play a significant role in the styling and presentation of OOTD posts, these influencers also consider current fashion trends, seasonality, and response from their followers when curating their content. This balance ensures that their posts offer a blend of individuality and relevance to their audience.

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