OP Meaning: What Does OP Mean? Interesting Text Conversations

What does OP mean? What does this text abbreviation stand for? Learn the definition and when to use this internet slang word with ESL infographic and useful conversation examples in English.

OP Meaning

What Does OP Mean?

The most general use of “OP” is “original poster.”

This phrase has several uses on the internet. This is used on social media and internet forums to talk about the person who started the conversation thread or discussion. They were the person who originally made the post, so they are called the “OP.”

“OP” is said to have originated on Usenet in the 1970s. It was used as a way to refer to the person who originally started the conversation.

Conversation Examples

Here are some examples in use:

Example 1:

  • Social media post: I’m going to a concert at tomorrow’s fair. I can’t wait to eat all of the fried food!
  • Comment 1: Sounds like fun. Have a good time!
  • Comment 2: Fairs are dumb. You’re dumb for going.
  • Comment 3: Hey! Leave the OP alone you troll. Go get a life!

This example shows this online slang term being used in social media. Comment 2 was a negative post about the status of the “OP” or “original poster.” Comment 3 comes to his defense by trying to get the person who made comment 2 to back off.

Example 2:

  • Gamer 1: OMG, we had a great session today. I got so many kills from the new Destroyer re-work. He is OP for sure. They’re going to have to nerf him some time.
  • Gamer 2: I don’t know, he seemed like he was pretty weak before. Maybe now he’s just right? I don’t think he’s too OP.
  • Gamer 1: We’ll see what happens when the pros start to use him. I’m thinking everyone will see how OP he is.

Here we have a conversation between two gamers. They tried out the new version of their favorite game. The character “Destroyer” recently got stronger as a result of a patch to the game. Gamer 1 thinks that the new version of the character is a lot stronger than it should be so he uses “OP” to mean “overpowered.” Gamer 2 has a different opinion and they discuss how “OP” the character is.

Other Meanings

Besides “original poster,” there are a few other meanings for this acronym. Especially in gaming, “OP” can mean “overpowered.” This means that a certain character, class of character, or ability is substantially more powerful than it should be. It also means that something is so strong that it has an unfair advantage. Another use in games can mean “operations.” This is commonly used in military games.

Other meanings include:

  • Overpriced
  • Original Post
  • Operator
  • Old Person
  • Other People
  • Opinion
  • Ocean Pacific
  • Opera
  • Out of Print
  • Output
  • Office of the President
  • Opportunity
  • Optical
  • Output
  • Oak Park
  • Oral Presentation
  • Operating Procedure(s)
  • Overpowered (gaming)
  • Olympic Peninsula (Washington)

In order to guess the intended meaning, we must look at the context of its use.

OP Meaning Infographic


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