Ops Meaning: What Does ‘Ops’ Mean in Texting and Online Slang?

The slang term “ops” is most often used as a standalone term even though it can be used as an acronym as well. This informative article will focus on providing you with the most common meaning and information about its origin. It will also give you information regarding other meanings, including what this term represents when it is used as an acronym.

Conversation examples are provided as well so you can see how this standalone term is used properly in a conversation and to help you better understand its meaning. Finally, you will see some other words and phrases that you can use as a substitution for this term that will still allow you to convey the same meaning.

Ops Meaning

What Does Ops Mean?

This term is commonly used online in chat, social media, and in text messaging as another way to express the term “oops.” It is said in response to doing something wrong, making a mistake, or having a mishap.

Origin of Ops

There is no specific origin information available regarding this slang term. However, this term is often considered a typo of the term “oops” which has been used as a common response in all the situations mentioned above in the meaning for hundreds of years.

Other Meanings

Other than being used as a standalone term, this slang can also be used as an acronym to represent many phrases, titles, etc. Some things that this acronym is used to stand for are “Office of Public Safety,” “Operating Performance Standards,” “Operating System,” “Opposition,” “Opponents,” “Optional Pension Scheme,” and “Options.” These are just some examples of what this acronym can represent and is not meant to be an all-inclusive list of these things.

Conversation Examples

A conversation between father and son via text message.

  • Father: Did you forget to do something before you left the house?
  • Son: I don’t think so?
  • Father: You forgot to take the trash out on your way out to your car.
  • Son: Ops! I am sorry, dad. I will get it when I get home.
  • Father: It’s okay. Just make sure you take it out when you get back.

An online discussion between two users on Facebook.

  • User 1: I can’t believe I went to the store today and bumped into a family member that I do not remember at all. They knew me because they knew my name and a lot about me as a child. I just stood there and acted like I remembered them too, but I still have no idea who it was.
  • User 2: Ops! I hate it when that happens to me!
  • User 1: Me too! And it rarely ever does because I am pretty good with names and faces!

Synonyms for Ops

There are some words and phrases that you could use in place of this term that share the same or similar meaning. Some other things you could say instead include:

  • oops
  • my bad
  • uh-oh

Ops Meaning Infographic