OTL Meaning: What Does The Useful Term OTL Stand For in Texting?

What does the acronym OTL stand for? Acronyms are used widely as part of electronic communications as a means of shorthand to reduce typing and conversation time. One of the acronyms widely used today is “otl.” In the article below, you will be provided with the definition of this term and available information regarding its origin. The article will also explore other possible meanings this acronym may have and will provide you with some conversation examples showing how to use this acronym properly in conversation. Finally, you will see some suggestions regarding other ways this acronym can be said that still communicate the same meaning.

OTL Meaning

What Does OTL Mean?

The meaning of the acronym “otl” is debatable. To some, the accepted meaning is “one true love.” To others, the accepted meaning is “out to lunch.” Still, others believe that the meaning is expressing great sadness because when the letters “otl” are typed together they look like a person crying on their hands and knees. The meaning that is being conveyed often needs to be determined by the context it is being used in.

Origin of OTL

Although there is no specific information regarding the origin of the acronym “otl,” the first definition of it was provided in the Urban Dictionary online in 2004. This entry sites the acronym “otl” as a Korean emoticon for crying on your hands and knees. Since this time, the acronym has appeared to take on other meanings.

Other Meanings

Other than the three most popular meanings already mentioned, the acronym “otl” can stand for other phrases as well. Some of the other phrases this acronym can stand for include “on the low,” “outside the lines,” “off the list,” and “only the lonely” just to name a few. Again, knowing the meaning implied by the context this acronym is used will be the key to deciphering the meaning within a conversation.

Example Conversations

A text exchange between two friends at school.

  • Friend 1: Hey, do you want to skip fourth period and go otl?
  • Friend 2: Sure, as long as we are back by fifth period because I have a test in that class.
  • Friend 1: Yeah, me too! We will make it back in time.

An online conversation between a boyfriend and girlfriend on Facebook.

  • Boyfriend: We are going to be together forever right?
  • Girlfriend: I hope so! Forever is a long time though and a lot of things could happen between now and then.
  • Boyfriend: Well, I don’t plan on going anywhere or letting anything come between us. After all, you are my otl!

Alternatives to “OTL”

Some of the other ways that you can say this acronym differently and still communicate the same meaning include:

  • spell it out; one true love
  • spell it out; out to lunch
  • spell it out; I could just breakdown and cry

OTL Meaning Infographic

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Last Updated on March 20, 2020

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