Par For the Course: What does “Par For the Course” Mean?

Par For The Course! Idioms have become a way for people to express their thoughts through figurative speech. Once an idiom develops and it is used frequently, its popularity spreads and its meaning becomes implied. One of the most popular idioms is “par for the course.” Here you will find the meaning for this phrase, details on its origin and examples of how to use it in conversation.

Par For The Course

Par For The Course Meaning

The idiom “par for the course” essentially means the outcomes one would expect from a specific situation or circumstance.

Origin of this idiomatic expression 

As you may have guessed by the wording, this idiomatic expression derived from the game of golf. Every hole on a course in a game of golf has a set amount of shots that a golfer can take to successfully get the ball into the hole. For example, if a hole on the course is a “5 par,” this means the player has five shots to get the ball from the tee position into the hole at the other end. If the golfer does this successfully in that amount of shots, they are considered to be par for the course.

“Par For The Course” Examples

Example Statements

In a news piece about a local neighborhood, you could see the following stated.

  • “Long hours are par for the course for these city workers after a water main broke earlier today.”

Another example statement from a pro athlete.

  • “Extra training is par for the course if I am going to be given another shot at the title.”

Conversation Examples

Here is a conversation using the idiom between two friends.

  • Friend 1: I don’t like the prices here. They are too expensive.
  • Friend 2: Considering the quality of the food, they are par for the course.

Here is another conversation example taking place between two co-workers.

  • Co-Worker 1: I really dislike the way the company is instituting all of this new AI.
  • Co-Worker 2: Considering that’s the way of the future, it is really par for the course.

More useful examples:

  • Starting early and working long hours is par for the course in this job.
  • It rained all week, but I guess that’s par for the course in Ireland.
  • Long hours and tough working conditions are often par for the course in catering.
  • If you want to be a politician, a little criticism is par for the course.

Other Ways to Say “Par For The Course”

Another way to say “par for the course” is saying I may not like it much, but it is what I expected.

“Par for the Course” synonyms list:

  • Normal
  • Typical
  • Standard
  • Usual
  • Predictable
  • What one would expect
  • Only to be expected
  • Expected
  • Average

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Par For The Course