Parts of a BEE Vocabulary in English (with Picture)

Learn Parts of a Bee through examples and picture…

Parts of a Bee Vocabulary


Morphometric analysis of angles of forewing veins might be a useful tool for biodiversity studies of honeybees and other bees.

Compound eye

Imitating the structure and shape of compound eye of insects, a bionic compound eye measurement system is designed.


The mandible is composed of several bones as in reptiles.


Better be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion.


The left arm bones were under the thorax.


The tongues of bees come in varying lengths and affect which flowers the insects can feed on.


Each hind leg moves in the path of the foreleg on the same side.

Middle leg

The middle legs of bees help with walking and are used to pack loads of pollen (and sometimes propolis) onto the pollen baskets that are part of the hind legs.


The hind legs are specialized on the worker bee.


Insects can also lose heat by evaporation from their spiracles, but this may lead to desiccation.


The abdomen is the part of the bee’s body that contains its digestive organs, reproductive organs, wax and scent glands and, of course, the infamous stinger.



Parts of a Bee | Picture

Parts of a BEE Vocabulary in English

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