Different Parts of a Bird in English (with Picture)

Learn different parts of a bird through examples and picture.

Different Parts of a Bird

Animal Body Parts Vocabulary in English with Pictures.

Parts of a Bird Vocabulary


Forehead is the area at the front of a bird’s head, above the bill and in front of the eyes.


The bird is recognizable by its flattened beak.


The chin is the area of feathers immediately adjacent to the base of a bird’s mandible.


Eye for eye and tooth for tooth.


A bird’s throat may be a different color from its surrounding plumage, or it may be marked with spots, streaks or lines.


Birds’ wings are their upper limbs used for flight.


The thigh bone is connected to the hip bone.



Many birds’ foot are the same color as their legs, but not always.

Undertail feathers

The short feathers beneath the tail are the undertail feathers, and these feathers often show unique colors or markings that can distinguish bird species.


The length, shape and colors of a bird’s tail are important for proper identification.

Uppertail feathers

The uppertail and undertail feathers cover the base of the tail feathers above and below.


A bird’s rump is the patch above the tail and low on the back.


A bird’s back is often broad and easy to see in the right posture.


The nape is directly behind the bird’s crown.


The crown is the top or highest part of a bird’s head, the peak of the head.

Parts of the Bird | Picture

Different Parts of a Bird in English

Animal Body Parts Vocabulary in English

Animal Body Parts

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