Different Cat Parts: Useful Cat Anatomy with Pictures

Cat Anatomy! List of different parts of a Cat in English with pictures and examples. Many people are lovers of cats and they are a popular topic of conversation as well as being a huge internet sensation. Since this is the case, there are likely to be a huge variety of times where talking about the parts of a cat in the English language is required.

This information can also be useful if you are spending time or living in an English speaking county and need to take your pet cat to the vet. In this section, you will be presented with the names for the parts of a cat in English.

Cat Parts

Parts of a Cat

  • Ear
  • Eye
  • Nose
  • Whisker
  • Mouth
  • Fur
  • Tail
  • Paw
  • Claw

Cat Parts Names with Pictures and Examples

Learn these cat parts names to improve and increase your vocabulary words about animal parts in English.


The cat scratched itself behind the ear.


What does the world look like through a cat’s eyes?


A cat’s nose is their most important sense organ.


Cat whiskers are exquisitely sensitive


The cat caught the stick in its mouth.


Our cat has glossy black fur.


The little cat’s tail wagged in delight.


The dog was howling its paw was hurt.


It was slightly curved at the end like a large claw.

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Cat Anatomy Picture

List of external parts of a cat in English.

Different Cat Parts: Useful Cat Anatomy with PicturesPin

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