Different Parts of a Crab in English (with Picture)

Learn parts of a crab in English through picture and examples.

Different Parts of a Crab

Animal Body Parts Vocabulary in English with Pictures.

Claw or chela

It has three pairs of legs, each ending in a large claw/ cela.


Antenna allow the crab to interact with its environment by touch and chemoreception.


Eyes of the crab are visual organs mounted on the ends of eyestalks.


Dactyl is metrical foot consisting of one accented syllable followed by two unaccented, as in flattery.


Carpus is heavy – boned, wider front than at the side.


The cephalothorax is the fused head and thorax parts of the crab, similar to those of a spider.


Unlike the cephalothorax, the abdomen of the crab is soft and unprotected.

Swimming legs

Swimming legs are the last paired abdominal appendages, flattened for swimming.

Walking legs

Walking legs of a crab are used for movement; crabs are capable of walking forward or diagonally, but usually they walk sideways.



Parts of a Crab | Image

Different Parts of a Crab in English (with Picture)

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