Elephant Parts: Elephant Body Parts with Pictures

Elephant Parts! List of different elephant body parts with elephant anatomy pictures and examples. If you are someone whose job involves working with animals and in turn, conversing with native English speakers about those animals then you may find it beneficial to learn the correct names for parts of an elephant.

There are also a number of English idioms and figures of speech which features parts of an elephant, for example ‘elephants trunk’ which is rhyming slang for being drunk. By learning the parts of an elephant you will be able to understand this figurative language as well as use the words literally when discussing these creatures.

Elephant Parts

Elephant Body Parts List

  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Trunk
  • Legs
  • Tusks
  • Toes
  • Tail

Elephant Parts Image

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Parts of an Elephant with Examples

Learn these parts of an elephant to enhance your English words about animal parts in English.


Elephants’ eyes are small; because of the position and size of the head and neck, they have limited peripheral vision.


While humans predominately use their ears for hearing and listening, animal ears have far more interesting applications, including the elephant.


The elephant’s trunk is one of nature most amazing creations.


How many legs does this elephant have


Elephant tusks are developed upper incisors.


How many toes does an elephant have?


An elephant’s tail can be as long as 1.3m and is tipped by a series of very coarse, wire-like hairs.

Elephant Body Parts with Pictures

Elephant Parts: Elephant Body Parts with PicturesPin

Animal Body Parts Vocabulary

Learn useful animal body parts with different types of animals and animals images.

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