9 Useful Party Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verbs are an essential part of the English language, and they’re commonly used in social situations like parties. Knowing how to use these verbs can help you communicate more effectively and sound more natural in English. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most common party phrasal verbs and provide examples of how to use them in conversation.

List of Party Phrasal Verbs

Blow up Turn up Blow out
Pull off Go out Dress up
Hang out Pick up Eat out

Useful Phrasal Verbs about Party

PARTY Vocabulary: 9 Useful Party Phrasal Verbs

Party Phrasal Verbs with Meaning and Examples

Blow up

  • Meaning: Inflate something, like balloons
  • Example: We need to blow up some balloons for the party decorations

Turn up

  • Meaning: Increase the amount of sound, heat, or light produced by a machine or device by adjusting its settings or controls
  • Example: Can you turn the volume up a bit?

Blow out

  • Meaning: To extinguish candles or a flame
  • Example: Let’s blow out the candles on the birthday cake!

Pull off

  • Meaning: To successfully achieve something, like throwing a great party
  • Example: We really pulled off a fantastic party last night!

Go out

  • Meaning: To leave a party or event
  • Example: For New Year’s Eve, let’s go out to a club.

Dress up

  • Meaning: To wear formal or fancy clothing, like a dress or a suit
  • Example: I’m going to dress up for the party tonight.

Hang out

  • Meaning: To spend time relaxing with friends.
  • Example: Let’s just hang out at home instead of going to a party tonight.

Pick up

  • Meaning:  To collect someone or something, like picking up a friend from their house
  • Example: I’ll pick you up at 8 for the party.

Eat out

  • Meaning: To eat at a restaurant instead of at home.
  • Example: Let’s eat out before the party tonight.

Practice and Exercises

Fill in the blank

  1. Can you ___________ the balloons for the party?
  2. I’ve been waiting for hours, and she still hasn’t ___________.
  3. We need to replace the candles before they ___________.
  4. Let’s ___________ for dinner tonight.
  5. I’m going to ___________ with some friends after work.

Match the Verbs

Phrasal Verb Meaning
a. Blow up 1. To arrive or appear
b. Turn up 2. To leave one’s home to socialize or for entertainment
c. Blow out 3. To wear formal or fancy clothing
d. Dress up 4. To explode or inflate
e. Go out 5. To extinguish a flame


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