People Idioms: Useful Phrases and Sayings about People

People Idioms and Sayings! Learn common expressions and idioms about people in English with meaning, ESL picture to improve your English.

People Idioms and Sayings

Personal Names Idioms

List of personal names idioms in English.

  • Not Know Jack: Not know anything
  • The Real McCoy: A genuine item
  • No Names, No Pack Drill: By not accusing anyone specifically, I may avoid trouble.
  • Any Tom, Dick or Harry: Any ordinary person
  • Rob Peter to Pay Paul: Pay off a debt with another loan; solve a problem in such a way that it leads to a new problem
  • On the Fritz: Not working properly
  • Jack of All Trades: A person with a wide variety of skills
  • Even Steven: Owing nothing; tied (in a game)
  • (Between) Buckley’s and Nunn: Almost nil

Appearance Idioms & Sayings

List of common appearance idioms in English.

  • (Not a) Spring Chicken: (No longer) young
  • All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go: Prepared (with clothing or otherwise) for an event that does not occur
  • All Fur Coat And No Knickers: Superficially attractive, physically or otherwise
  • Beauty Is Only Skin Deep: External appearance is a superficial basis for judging someone
  • Clean Up Nicely: Look good when one is dressed up. Usually said of women
  • Dead ringer: Very similar in appearance
  • Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover: Don’t be deceived by looks; don’t rely on looks when judging someone or something
  • Knockout: An extremely beautiful woman
  • Put one’s Face On: Apply cosmetics

Skills Idioms | People Idioms

List of English idioms about skills.

  • Amateur Hour: A display of incompetence
  • As Far as I Can Throw (someone): Only slightly
  • Bag of Tricks: A set of methods or resources
  • Beat Someone To The Draw: To accomplish or obtain something more quickly than someone else
  • Drop the Ball: Fail to fulfill one’s responsibilities; make a mistake
  • Find One’s Voice: Become more confident in expressing oneself
  • Green as Grass: Lacking training, naïve; often said of young people in new jobs
  • Lose One’s Touch: Suffer a decline in one’s skill at doing something
  • Not Cut Out for (Something): Not naturally skillful enough to do something well
  • Sharp as A Tack: Mentally agile

Death Idioms

List of English idioms related to death.

  • Full Fathom Five: Lost deep in the sea
  • Kick the Bucket: To die
  • Over My Dead Body: Under no circumstances
  • Pop One’s Clogs: To die
  • Pushing Up Daisies: Dead and buried
  • Set in Stone: Fixed; unchangeable
  • Six Feet Under: Dead and buried
  • Sleep with the Fishes: Dead, often by murder
  • Swim with the Fishes: Have been killed, especially with involvement of organized crime
  • Whistle Past the Graveyard: Remain optimistic despite dangers; be clueless
  • Your Number Is Up: You are going to die (or suffer some bad misfortune or setback)

Ethnicity Idioms

List of English Idioms about ethnicity.

  • Jim Crow: The system of racial segregation in the American South prior to the American civil rights movement.
  • Get Off Scot Free: Be accused of wrongdoing but pay no penalty at all

Nationality Idioms

List of nationality idioms in English.

  • Dutch Uncle: A highly critical person
  • French Leave: Absence without permission
  • It’s All Greek to Me: It is unintelligible, impossible to understand
  • Welsh (Welch) on a Deal: Not observe the terms of an agreement

Religion Life Idioms

List of religion life idioms in English.

  • (A) Snowball’s Chance in Hell: No chance at all
  • (Going to) Hell in a Hand basket: Declining rapidly; getting much worse quickly
  • (The) Devil Is in the Details: The idea sounds simple, but it’s likely to involve small things that prove difficult.
  • Dance with the Devil: Knowingly do something immoral
  • All Hell Breaks Loose: The situation becomes chaotic.
  • All Over Hell’S Half Acre: All over the place; everywhere.
  • Angel’s Advocate: Someone who takes a positive outlook on an idea or proposal
  • Baptism by Fire: A difficult task given right after one has assumed new responsibilities
  • Be A Cold Day In Hell: (Something that) will never happen
  • Cross to Bear: A problem one must deal with over a long time, a heavy burden
  • Devil’s Advocate: Someone who argues a point not out of conviction, but in order to air various points of view
  • Hail Mary (n. or adj.): A desperate, last-ditch attempt
  • Is the Pope Catholic?: Isn’t the answer obvious?
  • Not Have a Prayer: Have no chance of success
  • Preach to the Choir, Preach to the Converted: To make an argument with which your listeners already agree
  • Preaching to the Choir: Making arguments to those who already agree with you
  • Sacred Cow: An indvidual or organization that one cannot criticize
  • Saving Grace: Something that redeems a bad situation

Knowledge Idioms | People Idioms

List of idioms about knowledge in English.

  • Knowledge is power
  • Learn the ropes
  • Can’t make heads or tails of
  • Burning the midnight oil/ pull an all-nighter
  • Know something backwards and forwards
  • Doing your homework
  • Under one’s belt
  • Two heads are better than one
  • Pick his brain
  • Great minds think alike
  • As far as anyone knows
  • To the best of your belief/knowledge

Idioms about Thinking and Learning

List of idioms about learning and thinking in English.

  • Go to your head
  • Have your wits about you
  • In the dark (about)
  • Know what’s what
  • Not have a leg to stand on
  • Not see the wood for the trees
  • Put two and two together
  • Quick/ slow on the uptake
  • Ring a bell
  • Round the bend
  • Split hairs
  • Take stock (of)

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