Useful Personal Names Idioms with Examples and Definition

Learn Useful Personal Names Idioms with Examples and Definitions in English.

Not Know Jack

  • Meaning: Not know anything
  • Example: Jason claims to have a lot of programming experience, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know jack about databases.

The Real McCoy

  • Meaning: A genuine item
  • Example: Be careful-there are a lot of counterfeit coins at the show. But this silver dollar is the real McCoy.

No Names, No Pack Drill

  • Meaning: By not accusing anyone specifically, I may avoid trouble.
  • Example: Some women I know – no names, no pack drill – will judge a man purely by the size of his bank account.

Any Tom, Dick or Harry

  • Meaning: Any ordinary person
  • Example: I wouldn’t give this job to any Tom, Dick, or Harry. I chose you because you have a talent for this kind of work.

Useful Personal Names Idioms

Personal Names Idioms

Rob Peter to Pay Paul

  • Meaning: Pay off a debt with another loan; solve a problem in such a way that it leads to a new problem
  • Example: My brother is addicted to drugs. He’s broke, robbing Peter to pay PaulĀ – he’s really in trouble.

On the Fritz

  • Meaning: Not working properly
  • Example: The machine is on the fritz – we’re going to have to sort the cans by hand.

Jack of All Trades

  • Meaning: A person with a wide variety of skills
  • Example: He’s a jack of all trades – he’ll fix your car and then come in and program your computer.

Even Steven

  • Meaning: Owing nothing; tied (in a game)
  • Example: There, I paid you the last two dollars I owe you. Now we’re even-steven.

(Between) Buckley’s and Nunn

  • Meaning: Almost nil
  • Example: Your chances of getting vacation time this summer are between Buckley’s and Nunn.

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  1. They missed the term: “Living the life of Riley/Reilly” meaning living the good life without hard work, worries and (money) problems.

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