Photography Vocabulary in English | Photography Terms

Learn Photography Vocabulary in English through pictures and examples.

Under this lesson, you will learn different parts of a camera and different types of camera.

Types of Camera

SLR camera

– I forgot to take my SLR camera with me to Portugal, so I couldn’t take any photos.

Digital camera

– He offered to swap his digital camera for hers.

APS camera

– My cheap APS camera takes better pictures than his expensive one.

Instant camera

– There was an instant camera for sale in the window.

Different Parts of a Camera


– The lens of a camera forms images.

Lens cap

– I think I lost the camera’s lens cap somewhere in the vicinity.


– The camera is bulky, mounted on a tripod.

Zoom lens

– I have a camera with a zoom lens.

Flash unit

– The charge from the camera’s flash unit would trigger the explosion.

Photography Vocabulary | Picture

Photography Vocabulary in English | Photography Terms

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