Common Phrasal Verbs about Crime in English

Useful phrasal verbs about Crime with their meaning and examples in English.

Break into

  • Meaning: Enter a building or car by using force, in order to steal something
  • Example: Someone broke into my car and stole the radio.

Break out of

  • Meaning: Escape from a prison
  • Example: Three men have broken out of a top-security jail.

Tip off

  • Meaning: Warn somebody about something that is going to happen, especially something illegal
  • Example: Two men were arrested after police were tipped off about the raid.

Stake out

  • Meaning: Watch a place secretly, especially for signs of illegal activity
  • Example: Detectives had been staking out the house for several weeks.

Bring in

  • Meaning: Bring somebody to a police station in order to ask them questions or arrest them
  • Example: Two men were brought in for questioning.

Lock up

  • Meaning: Put someone in prison
  • Example: Rapists should be locked up.

Useful phrasal verbs about Crime.

Phrasal Verbs about Crime

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