Crime Vocabulary: Common Phrasal Verbs about Crime

Crime Vocabulary! List of useful phrasal verbs about crime with their meaning, ESL picture and example sentences in English to improve your English.

Crime Vocabulary

List of Phrasal Verbs about Crime

  • Break into
  • Break out of
  • Tip off
  • Stake out
  • Bring in
  • Lock up

Crime Phrasal Verbs with Meaning and Examples

List of phrasal verbs about crime with meaning and example sentences.

Break into

  • Meaning: Enter a building or car by using force, in order to steal something
  • Example: Someone broke into my car and stole the radio.

Break out of

  • Meaning: Escape from a prison
  • Example: Three men have broken out of a top-security jail.

Tip off

  • Meaning: Warn somebody about something that is going to happen, especially something illegal
  • Example: Two men were arrested after police were tipped off about the raid.

Stake out

  • Meaning: Watch a place secretly, especially for signs of illegal activity
  • Example: Detectives had been staking out the house for several weeks.

Bring in

  • Meaning: Bring somebody to a police station in order to ask them questions or arrest them
  • Example: Two men were brought in for questioning.

Lock up

  • Meaning: Put someone in prison
  • Example: Rapists should be locked up.

Crime Vocabulary: Common Phrasal Verbs about Crime | Image

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your baka ;)
your baka ;)
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