Education Phrases: Useful Phrasal Verbs about Education

Education Phrases! Learn common phrasal verbs about education in English with meaning, ESL picture and examples to improve your English.

Education Phrases

List of Useful Phrasal Verbs about Education

  • Be into
  • Take up
  • Fall behind
  • Catch up
  • Go over
  • Go over
  • Read up on
  • Hand in/turn in
  • Hand out
  • Copy out
  • Drop out

Education Phrasal Verbs with Meaning and Examples

Learn common phrasal verbs about education with meaning and examples.

Be into

  • Meaning: Be interested in sth in active way
  • Example: Are you into English?

Take up

  • Meaning: Start doing a new activity
  • Example: Chris taken up jogging.

Fall behind

  • Meaning: Make less progress than other people
  • Example: My daughter is falling behind with her classmates.

Catch up

  • Meaning: Improve and reach the same standard as other people
  • Example: If you miss a lot of classes, it’s very difficult to catch up.

Go over

  • Meaning: Check something carefully
  • Example: Go over your work before you hand it in.

Go over

  • Meaning: Practise and repeat something in order to learn it
  • Example: He went over the events of the day in his mind.

Read up on

  • Meaning: Study something by reading a lot about it
  • Example: I need to read up on my British history.

Hand in/turn in

  • Meaning: Give your finished work to a teacher
  • Example: I handed my homework in late as usual.

Hand out

  • Meaning: Give things to the members of a group
  • Example: Could you hand these books out, please?

Copy out

  • Meaning: Write something again exactly as it was written
  • Example: We need to copy out sentences from a book.

Drop out

  • Meaning: Leave school without finishing your studies
  • Example: She started a degree but dropped out after only a year.

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