Commonly Used Phrasal Verbs about MONEY in English

Learn useful phrasal verbs about Money in English.

List of Phrasal Verbs for Talking about MONEY

MONEY Phrasal Verbs

Pay off

  • Meaning: Finish paying money owed for something
  • Example: We paid off our mortgage after fifteen years.

Fork out

  • Meaning: Spend a lot of money on something, especially unwillingly
  • Example: We’ve forked out a small fortune on their education.

Run up

  • Meaning: Create lots of debt
  • Example: How had he managed to run up so many debts?

Rip off

  • Meaning: Charge too much
  • Example: Tourists complain of being ripped off by local cab drivers.

Save up

  • Meaning: Not spend money
  • Example: My parents are saving up for a trip to New York.

Put aside

  • Meaning: Save an amount of money Each month
  • Example: She puts some money aside for her retirement.

Squirrel away

  • Meaning: Put something away in a secret place, especially money
  • Example: The family had a large fortune squirrelled away.

Pay back

  • Meaning: Give someone the same amount of money that you borrowed from them
  • Example: I’ll be able to pay you back next week.

Splash out

  • Meaning: Buy something expensive
  • Example: He’s just splashed out on a brand new car.

Put down

  • Meaning: Pay part of the cost of something
  • Example: We put a 5% deposit down on the house.

Come into

  • Meaning: To be left money by somebody who has died
  • Example: She came into a fortune when her uncle died.

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Phrasal Verbs about MONEY

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