17 Common Phrasal Verbs about Relationships

Last Updated on November 18, 2023

In this article, we will explore some of the most common phrasal verbs about relationships. Whether you’re talking about romantic relationships, friendships, or family connections, these phrasal verbs will help you express your thoughts and feelings more accurately and effectively. 

List of Phrasal Verbs about Relationships

  • Break up
  • Fall for
  • Fall out 
  • Get along
  • Go out
  • Let down 
  • Look up to
  • Make out 
  • Make up
  • Move on
  • Patch up 
  • Put down
  • Put up with
  • Settle down
  • Split up
  • Stand by
  • Wrestle with

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Relationship Phrasal Verbs with Meaning and Examples

When it comes to relationships, phrasal verbs can be a great way to express your thoughts and feelings. Here are some common phrasal verbs related to relationships with their meanings and examples:

Break up

  • Meaning: To end a romantic relationship.
  • Example: They broke up after dating for three years.

Fall for

  • Meaning: To begin to feel love for someone.
  • Example: I fell for her the moment I saw her.

Fall out

  • Meaning: To have a disagreement with someone and stop being friends.
  • Example: We fell out over a misunderstanding.

Get along

  • Meaning: To have a good relationship with someone.
  • Example: We get along really well.

Go out

  • Meaning: To date someone.
  • Example: They’ve been going out for a few months now.

Let down

  • Meaning: To disappoint someone.
  • Example: I felt really let down when he didn’t show up.

Look up to

  • Meaning: To admire and respect someone.
  • Example: I’ve always looked up to my dad.

Make out

  • Meaning: To kiss passionately.
  • Example: They were making out in the back of the car.

Make up

  • Meaning: To reconcile after a disagreement.
  • Example: They made up after not speaking for a week.

Move on

  • Meaning: To let go of a past relationship and start a new one.
  • Example: It’s time to move on and find someone new.

Patch up

  • Meaning: To fix a broken relationship.
  • Example: They patched up their friendship after a big argument.

Put down

  • Meaning: To insult or criticize someone.
  • Example: He’s always putting me down.

Put up with

  • Meaning: To tolerate someone or something unpleasant.
  • Example: I don’t know how she puts up with him.

Settle down

  • Meaning: To start living a more stable and responsible life.
  • Example: He’s ready to settle down and start a family.

Split up

  • Meaning: To end a romantic relationship.
  • Example: They split up after a year of dating.

Stand by

  • Meaning: To support someone during a difficult time.
  • Example: She stood by him through thick and thin.

Wrestle with

  • Meaning: To struggle with a difficult decision or situation.
  • Example: He’s been wrestling with the decision to end the relationship.

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