Relationship Phrases: Useful Phrasal Verbs about Relationships

Relationship Phrases! Learn useful phrasal verbs about relationships in English with meaning, ESL picture and example sentences to improve your English.

Useful list of love idioms in English with meaning and example sentences. 

Relationship Phrases

List of Phrasal Verbs about Relationships

  • Fall for
  • Go out
  • Make up
  • Split up
  • Break up
  • Look up to
  • Fall out
  • Put down
  • Put up with

Relationship Phrasal Verbs with Meaning and Examples

Fall for

  • Meaning: Begin to be in love with someone
  • Example: They fell for each other instantly.

Go out

  • Meaning: Date someone
  • Example: I used to go out with Tom.

Make up

  • Meaning: Forgive each other after an argument or disagreement
  • Example: Has he made it up with her yet?

Split up

  • Meaning: End a relationship
  • Example: She’s split up with her boyfriend.

Break up

  • Meaning: End a relationship
  • Example: Their marriage has broken up.

Look up to

  • Meaning: Respect and admire someone
  • Example: I’ve always looked up to Thomas for his courage and determination.

Fall out

  • Meaning: Argue with someone and stop being friendly with them
  • Example: It was the first time Bill and I had fallen out.

Put down

  • Meaning: Say bad things about someone; to insult I hate the way
  • Example: Dave puts me down the whole time.

Put up with

  • Meaning: Tolerate; accept an unpleasant situation without complaining
  • Example: She put up with his violent temper.

Relationship Phrases: Useful Phrasal Verbs about Relationships | Picture

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