22 Useful Phrasal Verbs Around the House

Last Updated on November 18, 2023

In the following article, you will find a comprehensive list of phrasal verbs commonly used in household contexts. We will provide each verb’s meaning and usage examples to help you understand how to use them in your daily conversations. By the end of this piece, you will have a better grasp of phrasal verbs and be able to communicate more effectively with native English speakers.

List of Phrasal Verbs Around the House

  • Build on
  • Clean up/ tidy up
  • Dust off
  • Fill up 
  • Fix up 
  • Hang up
  • Lock up 
  • Mop up
  • Pick up
  • Put away
  • Put in 
  • Put on
  • Put on (music)
  • Put out
  • Put up
  • Stock up
  • Take down
  • Take out 
  • Throw away
  • Turn off
  • Turn on
  • Wipe down

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House Phrasal Verbs with Meaning and Examples

Here are some common phrasal verbs used around the house with their meanings and examples:

Build on

  • Meaning: Add to something that already exists.
  • Example: We can build on this foundation to make the house bigger.

Clean up/ tidy up

  • Meaning: Put things in order and make them clean.
  • Example: Let’s clean up the kitchen before we start cooking.

Dust off

  • Meaning: Remove dust from something.
  • Example: Can you dust off the shelves before we put the books back?

Fill up 

  • Meaning: Add enough of something to make it full.
  • Example: Please fill up the water bottle before we go out.

Fix up 

  • Meaning: Repair or improve something.
  • Example: We need to fix up the roof before the rainy season starts.

Hang up

  • Meaning: Put something on a hook or hanger.
  • Example: Hang up your coat in the closet, please.

Lock up 

  • Meaning: Secure a building or room by locking the doors.
  • Example: We need to lock up the house before we leave.

Mop up

  • Meaning: Clean a floor using a mop.
  • Example: Can you mop up the spill in the kitchen?

Pick up

  • Meaning: Collect or tidy up things from the floor or other surfaces.
  • Example: Please pick up your toys before you go to bed.

Put away

  • Meaning: Return something to its proper place.
  • Example: Put away the dishes after you wash them.

Put in 

  • Meaning: Insert something into a container or machine.
  • Example: Can you put in the laundry detergent before you start the washing machine?

Put on

  • Meaning: Wear clothing or accessories.
  • Example: Put on your jacket before we go outside.

Put out

  • Meaning: Extinguish a fire or a cigarette.
  • Example: Please put out your cigarette before you come inside.

Put up

  • Meaning: Hang something on a wall or put something in a high place.
  • Example: We can put up the picture frame in the living room.

Stock up

  • Meaning: Buy or gather a large amount of something for future use.
  • Example: Let’s stock up on groceries for the week.

Take down

  • Meaning: Remove something from a wall or a high place.
  • Example: Can you take down the decorations after the party?

Take out 

  • Meaning: Remove something from a container or a place.
  • Example: I’ll take out the trash before I leave.

Throw away

  • Meaning: Discard something in the trash.
  • Example: We need to throw away the old newspapers.

Turn off

  • Meaning: Stop the operation of an appliance or a device.
  • Example: Don’t forget to turn off the lights before you go to bed.

Turn on

  • Meaning: Start the operation of an appliance or a device.
  • Example: Can you turn on the TV, please?

Wipe down

  • Meaning: Clean something using a cloth or a paper towel.
  • Example: Let’s wipe down the counters after we finish cooking.

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