Problem Solving Phrases: Useful Phrasal Verbs for Problems

Problem Solving Phrases! Useful phrasal verbs for problems with meaning and examples. Using these phrasal verbs to talk about problems in English.

Problem Solving Phrases

List of Phrasal Verbs for Problems

  • Talk over
  • Wrestle with
  • Run up against
  • Think through
  • Sort out
  • Knuckle down
  • Run into problems
  • Deal with

Problems Phrasal Verbs

Talk over

  • Meaning: Discuss a problem with someone before deciding what to do
  • Example: You’ll find it helpful to talk things over with a friend.

Wrestle with

  • Meaning: Try to understand or find a solution to a difficult problem
  • Example: I have been wrestling with this problem for quite some time.

Run up against

  • Meaning: Deal with unexpected problems or a difficult opponent
  • Example: We ran up against some unexpected opposition.

Think through

  • Meaning: Think carefully about the possible results of something
  • Example: They had failed to think the policy through.

Sort out

  • Meaning: Solve a problem or situation
  • Example: If you have a problem, the welfare officer can help you sort yourself out.

Knuckle down

  • Meaning: Begin to work hard at something
  • Example: I’m going to have to knuckle down to some serious study.

Run into problems

  • Meaning: Start to experience difficulties
  • Example: The event was going well, however at the last moment we ran into a few problems.

Deal with

  • Meaning: Take the necessary action, especially in order to solve a problem
  • Example: The council has failed to deal with the problem of homelessness in the city.

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