15 Phrasal Verbs for Problems: How to Talk About Difficulties with Ease

Dealing with problems is a part of our daily lives. It can be challenging to find the right words to express our thoughts and feelings when we encounter problems. Phrasal verbs for problems can help us communicate our ideas more effectively. They provide us with a variety of options to express our thoughts and feelings, making it easier to discuss and solve problems.

List of Phrasal Verbs for Problems

  • Come up with
  • Deal with
  • Face up to
  • Figure out
  • Give up
  • Knuckle down
  • Live with
  • Look into
  • Run into problems
  • Run up against
  • Sort out
  • Talk over
  • Think through
  • Work out
  • Work through

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Problems Phrasal Verbs with Meaning and Examples

Phrasal verbs are a common feature of the English language. They are formed by combining a verb with a preposition or adverb to create a new meaning. However, phrasal verbs can be difficult to understand and use correctly. In this section, we will explore some of the most common problems people face when using phrasal verbs and provide examples to help you understand their meanings.

Come up with

  • Meaning: To think of an idea or solution.
  • Example: We need to come up with a plan to increase sales.

Deal with

  • Meaning: To handle or manage a problem.
  • Example: We need to deal with customer complaints immediately.

Face up to

  • Meaning: To confront or acknowledge a difficult situation.
  • Example: We need to face up to the fact that we are running out of time.

Figure out

  • Meaning: To solve or understand a problem.
  • Example: We need to figure out why the system keeps crashing.

Give up

  • Meaning: To stop trying to solve a problem.
  • Example: We cannot give up on our project just because we encountered some difficulties.

Knuckle down

  • Meaning: To concentrate and work hard to solve a problem.
  • Example: We need to knuckle down and finish the project before the deadline.

Live with

  • Meaning: To accept and deal with a problem that cannot be solved.
  • Example: We need to learn to live with the fact that we cannot always control everything.

Look into

  • Meaning:To investigate or research a problem.
  • Example: We need to look into the cause of the system failure.

Run into problems

  • Meaning: To encounter difficulties or obstacles.
  • Example: We ran into problems when the supplier failed to deliver the materials on time.

Run up against

  • Meaning: To encounter difficulties or opposition.
  • Example: We ran up against resistance when we proposed the new policy.

Sort out

  • Meaning: To solve or resolve a problem.
  • Example: We need to sort out the miscommunication between the departments.

Talk over

  • Meaning:To discuss a problem with others.
  • Example: We need to talk over the options before making a decision.

Think through

  • Meaning: To consider all aspects of a problem before making a decision.
  • Example: We need to think through the consequences of our actions before implementing the new policy.

Work out

  • Meaning: To solve or resolve a problem.
  • Example: We need to work out a compromise that satisfies both parties.

Work through

  • Meaning: To solve or overcome a problem by working on it.
  • Example: We need to work through the issues before we can launch the new product.

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