22 Useful Phrasal Verbs for Shopping in English

In this text, we will delve into the most frequent phrasal verbs utilized during shopping. By providing contextual examples and clarifying their definitions, we aim to assist both novice and proficient English learners in enhancing their vocabulary and feeling more self-assured while shopping in English-speaking nations.

List of Shopping Phrasal Verbs

  • Bring back
  • Bring down
  • Do up (UK)
  • Go with smt
  • Look out for
  • Pay for
  • Pay off
  • Pick out
  • Pop into
  • Put on
  • Queue up/line up
  • Ring up
  • Sell out
  • Set (someone) back
  • Shop around
  • Splash out (UK)
  • Stand out
  • Stock up
  • Take off
  • Try on
  • Try out
  • Wear in (UK)

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Shopping Phrasal Verbs with Meaning and Examples

When shopping, it’s helpful to know some phrasal verbs to express what you’re looking for or what you want to do. Here are some useful phrasal verbs with their meanings and examples:

Bring back

  • Meaning: Return an item to the store
  • Example: If the shoes don’t fit, you can bring them back for a refund.

Bring down

  • Meaning: Reduce the amount of something
  • Example: We aim to bring down prices on all our computers.

Do up (UK)

  • Meaning: Fasten or close a piece of clothing
  • Example: Can you help me do up the zipper on this dress?

Go with smt

  • Meaning: Match or complement something
  • Example: This scarf goes well with your coat.

Look out for

  • Meaning: Be aware of something and watch for it
  • Example: Look out for sales at your favorite stores.

Pay for

  • Meaning: Give money in exchange for something
  • Example: I need to pay for these groceries.

Pay off

  • Meaning: Be worth the effort or money spent
  • Example: The new kitchen appliances have paid off in terms of energy savings.

Pick out

  • Meaning: Choose or select something
  • Example: I need to pick out a new outfit for the party.

Pop into

  • Meaning: Quickly visit a store or place
  • Example: Let’s pop into the bakery for some fresh bread.

Put on

  • Meaning: Wear a piece of clothing
  • Example: I need to put on my coat before we leave.

Queue up/line up

  • Meaning: Wait in a line for something
  • Example: We had to queue up for hours to get tickets to the concert.

Ring up

  • Meaning: Use a cash register to record a sale
  • Example: The cashier will ring up your purchase.

Sell out

  • Meaning: Run out of stock of a particular item
  • Example: The store has sold out of the popular toy.

Set (someone) back

  • Meaning: Cost a certain amount of money
  • Example: The new laptop set me back $1000.

Shop around

  • Meaning: Look at different stores or options before making a purchase
  • Example: I like to shop around to find the best deals.

Splash out (UK)

  • Meaning: Spend a lot of money on something
  • Example: I splashed out on a new designer handbag.

Stand out

  • Meaning: Be noticeable or different
  • Example: This bright shirt will definitely stand out in a crowd.

Stock up

  • Meaning: Buy a large quantity of something in advance
  • Example: Let’s stock up on snacks for the road trip.

Take off

  • Meaning: Remove a piece of clothing
  • Example: I need to take off my shoes before entering the house.

Try on

  • Meaning: Put on a piece of clothing to see if it fits or looks good
  • Example: I want to try on these jeans before buying them.

Try out

  • Meaning: Test or sample a product before buying it
  • Example: You can try out the new perfume at the makeup counter.

Wear in (UK)

  • Meaning: Break in a new pair of shoes or clothing
  • Example: These new shoes need to be worn in before they’re comfortable.

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