Shopping Vocabulary: 19 Useful Phrasal Verbs for Shopping

Shopping Vocabulary! List of useful phrasal verbs for shopping in English with meaning, ESL picture and examples. Learn these shopping phrasal verbs to improve your fluency and help your English sound like a native when you go for shopping.

Shopping Vocabulary

List of Phrasal Verbs for Shopping

  • Bring down
  • Pay for
  • Put on
  • Queue up/line up
  • Ring up
  • Sell out
  • Shop around
  • Take off
  • Try on
  • Try out
  • Pop into
  • Do up (UK)
  • Stand out
  • Pick out
  • Wear in (UK)
  • Set (someone) back
  • Look out for
  • Go with smt
  • Splash out (UK)

Phrasal Verbs for Shopping with Meaning and Examples

Bring down

  • Meaning: Reduce the amount of something
  • Examples: We aim to bring down prices on all our computers.

Pay for

  • Meaning: Give money in order to buy something
  • Examples: I paid good money for that sofa, so it should last.

Put on

  • Meaning: To see something is worth trying
  • Examples: Anna put on the coat.

Queue up/line up

  • Meaning: Wait for something in a line
  • Examples: Some people queued up all night to get into the store.

Ring up

  • Meaning: Record an amount of money by pressing buttons on a cash register
  • Examples: She rang up all the items on the till.

Sell out

  • Meaning: Sell the whole supply/ capacity
  • Examples: I’m sorry, we’ve sold out of shoes.

Shop around

  • Meaning: Compare prices before buying
  • Examples: We often shop around for the best deal.

Take off

  • Meaning: Remove a piece of clothing
  • Examples: He took off my wet boots and made me sit by the fire.

Try on

  • Meaning: Put on a piece of clothing to see if it fits
  • Examples: You should try the shoes on before you buy them.

Try out

  • Meaning: Test something to see if you like it
  • Examples: John hopes to try out his new running shoes this weekend.

Pop into

  • Meaning: To visit briefly
  • Examples: I’m going to pop into the store for a moment.

Do up (UK)

  • Meaning: To fasten something
  • Example: You don’t need to do up the top button.

Stand out

  • Meaning: To be very noticeable
  • Example: Your red dress really stands out against all those dull brown ones.

Pick out

  • Meaning: To choose / select
  • Example: Can you help me pick out a wedding dress?

Wear in (UK)

  • Meaning: To loosen or soften some new clothing by wearing it
  • Example: That sweater will feel better after you wear it in.

Set (someone) back

  • Meaning: To cost someone a particular amount of money, especially a large amount
  • Example: Anna’s new laptop must have set her back $1000.

Look out for

  • Meaning: To watch or check regularly for something or to search for something
  • Example: I always look out for deals when I’m shopping.

Go with something

  • Meaning: To seem good, natural, or attractive in combination with something
  • Example: Which shoes go best with this dress?

Splash out (UK)

  • Meaning: Spend money freely
  • Example: She splashed out on a Lexus.

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