Useful Phrasal Verbs for Shopping in English

Learn useful phrasal verbs for Shopping in English with examples.

List of Common Phrasal Verbs for SHOPPING

Phrasal Verbs for SHOPPING

Bring down

  • Meaning: Reduce the amount of something
  • Examples: We aim to bring down prices on all our computers.

Pay for

  • Meaning: Give money in order to buy something
  • Examples: I paid good money for that sofa, so it should last.

Put on

  • Meaning: To see something is worth trying
  • Examples: Anna put on the coat.

Queue up/line up

  • Meaning: Wait for something in a line
  • Examples: Some people queued up all night to get into the store.

Ring up

  • Meaning: Record an amount of money by pressing buttons on a cash register
  • Examples: She rang up all the items on the till.

Sell out

  • Meaning: Sell the whole supply/ capacity
  • Examples: I’m sorry, we’ve sold out of shoes.

Shop around

  • Meaning: Compare prices before buying
  • Examples: We often shop around for the best deal.

Take off

  • Meaning: Remove a piece of clothing
  • Examples: He took off my wet boots and made me sit by the fire.

Try on

  • Meaning: Put on a piece of clothing to see if it fits
  • Examples: You should try the shoes on before you buy them.

Try out

  • Meaning: Test something to see if you like it
  • Examples: John hopes to try out his new running shoes this weekend.

Pop into

  • Meaning: To visit briefly
  • Examples: I’m going to pop into the store for a moment.

Do up (UK)

  • Meaning: To fasten something
  • Example: You don’t need to do up the top button.

Stand out

  • Meaning: To be very noticeable
  • Example: Your red dress really stands out against all those dull brown ones.

Pick out

  • Meaning: To choose / select
  • Example: Can you help me pick out a wedding dress?

Wear in (UK)

  • Meaning: To loosen or soften some new clothing by wearing it
  • Example: That sweater will feel better after you wear it in.

Set (someone) back

  • Meaning: To cost someone a particular amount of money, especially a large amount
  • Example: Anna’s new laptop must have set her back $1000.

Look out for

  • Meaning: To watch or check regularly for something or to search for something
  • Example: I always look out for deals when I’m shopping.

Go with smt

  • Meaning: To seem good, natural, or attractive in combination with something
  • Example: Which shoes go best with this dress?

Splash out (UK)

  • Meaning: Spend money freely
  • Example: She splashed out on a Lexus.

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