Learn 14 Useful Phrasal Verbs for Work in English

Commonly used phrasal verbs for WORK. English phrasal verbs to use at the office.

Burn out

  • Meaning: Be extremely tired
  • Example: If he doesn’t stop working so hard, he’ll burn himself out.

Call off

  • Meaning: Cancel
  • Example: They have called off the meeting.

Carry out

  • Meaning: Do a particular piece of work, research etc
  • Example: We need to carry out more research.

Draw up

  • Meaning: Prepare something in writing, especially an offical document
  • Example: The contract was drawn up last year.

Fill in for

  • Meaning: To do somebody’s job for a short time while they are not there
  • Example: Could I fill in for him? he asked.

Hand in

  • Meaning: Give something to a person in authority
  • Example: You must all hand in your projects by the end of next week.

Knock off

  • Meaning: Stop working
  • Example: Let’s knock off for lunch.

Knuckle down

  • Meaning: Start working harder
  • Example: I’m going to have to knuckle down to some serious study.

Lay off

  • Meaning: Stop employing someone because there is not enough work for them to do
  • Example: 200 workers at the factory have been laid off.

Run by

  • Meaning: Tell someone about an idea or plan so that they can give you their opinion
  • Example: You’d better run it by your manager first.

Slack off

  • Meaning: Do something with less energy and effort than is usual or ncessary
  • Example: Workers usually slack off.

Take on

  • Meaning: Employ someone
  • Example: She was taken on as a trainee.

Take over

  • Meaning: Take control of something
  • Example: I intend that you shall take over the business.

Work out

  • Meaning: To develop in a successful way
  • Example: Things have worked out quite well for us.

Useful phrasal verbs for WORK.

Phrasal Verbs for Work

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